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on 15 September 2017

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In the pass few years, we noticed that families with children who are suspected with special educational needs often experience confusion and difficulties in finding the right support and appropraite assessment for their children. The lack of information on the process of seeking help from professionals to get the right support often delay the children from getting appropraite and effective intervention at their golden age (before 5 years old). In addition, even parents understand a diagnosis from prodessioinal, such as clinical psycholoist and pediatrician are needed for the benefit of their children. Waiting lists from the public sector are often long, and the cost to do an assessment from the private sector is often very high, and this has been affecting the underprivilaged and low-income families and their children the most.

 As a result, Bridge Foundation has recently been sponsoring children with suspected special educational needs and their families for free screening assessments and professional consultations. The screening and consultation program is conduct by a clinical psychologist, a behavioral therapist and an early year teacher. This early screening and consultation that we provided greatly help families to seek appropriate professional help and effective intervention for their children.

Who has been benefited from this program so far?

So far we had sponsored 13 children and their families to receive our professional screening session. One of the children joined our 1 on 1 session and five of the children received our referral letter so that they can seek futher formal assessment sooner privitely or from the public sector. Our preschool program also cater children who are suitable and will be beneficial to learn in a group setting to improve their communication and soical skills. 

Promotion Plan:

With a long waiting list, a strong network with educational psychologist, clinical psychologist, and teachers at schools, facebook page, website and parents groups, we are hoping to help those children and their families in need as much as we can! 

How you can Help?

With $1020, you are going to sponsor one children from a low-income family to receive a professional screening conducted by a clinical psychologist, behavioral therapist and an early year teacher. With a proper screening and referral, children will be able to seek effective intervention and help as soon as possible during their golden age!

Our goal is to gather $40800, which will allow us to provide professtional screening for 40 children and their families.

Number of Service

Total student for 2 months

Total Cost for 2 months

  • 5 students/week
  • 1.5 hour each
  • Each children costs $1020


5 students X 4weeks X 2months

=  40 Students



40 students X $1020

= $40800

Bridge Foundation is a registered charity established in January 2016 by the Bridge Academy founding team.  Through the work of the Bridge Foundation, we are committed to provide support to children with special educational needs and their families through screening assessment, preschool program, school-base intervention, and parents and teachers training. Bridge Foundation also hope to further respond to unaddressed educational needs by joining forces with other organizations in Hong Kong to further support children with special educational needs in different settings and sectors.

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