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30% 產品模件及開發
40% 生產
20% 推廣銷售
10% 行政費用




The design concept of “FitnesStick ” comes from the action and principle of the boatman pontoon. The boatman’s resistance to the boat and the boat’s resistance on the water requires a lot of exercise on the body and the arm, and more abdominal muscles are needed to support the boat. Because of this principle, we designed the Fitnesstick with the same length and weight as the boat. The front end and the rear end add weight and mimic the resistance on the water surface, so that a large amount of exercise can be achieved. And can effectively target the waist fat movement.

Crowdfunding fund allocation:
30% product module and development
40% production
20% promotion sales
10% administrative fee

Our team included:
One R&D director, one product designer, one app programmer and one fitness trainer as consultant.
Our key members have experience in developing products and design products.

We also promote our products through magazines, newspapers, online and social media.

The FitnesStick set includes 2 long sticks, 2 short sticks and 4 water bottles.


The FitnesStick mainly aims at reducing belly fat.

The design concept comes from boatman's movements,which utilise abdominal and waist muscles the most. Our design and research have fitness coaches as consultants.

All components are twistable. Opening the bottle lid and adding water inside can add weigh to FitnesStick.

FitnesStick has three combinations.

Combination 1: Join one long stick with one water bottle to make a medium version of FitnesStick.

Stand position, wave the stick by hand on both sides. 

When you carry out this action, you can exercise the muscles on both sides of the waist, to reduce belly fat.

Combination 2: Join two long sticks together with 2 water bottles to make a long version of FitnesStick.

Stand position, wave the stick by hand on both sides. 

When you carry out this action, the muscles on the both sides of the waist are even more strongly exercised and more effectively in reducing belly fat.

Combination 3: Join 1 short stick with 2 water bottle on the both side and make 2 short version of FitnesSticks.

You can use the two short FitnesStick to perform some generic gymnastics training.

You can download our app.

It provides you different training programs using FitnesStick. 

You can select the suitable one and practise it following the instruction to achieve your fitness goal.


When you finish the exercise, you can drink water directly from the water bottle, very practical design.

Now you can do training at home with a very easy,handy, convenient and highly efficient fitness equipment. So support us and pre-order now. 

Production Timeline

Jan 2019 Complete the development 

Feb 2019  Complete the tooling and the tooling samples. 

March 2019 First production run

Ordering our products, some will be used to support the cost of our product molds and can receive the first batch of products.


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