Fearless Dragon Trailwalkers

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on 1 October 2017

Launched: 7 Aug 2017

Funding ends: 1 Oct 2017

One cannot see; one cannot hear, and one has only one arm.

Fearless Dragon Trailwalkers - Kim Mok, Derek Ko, Jeff Wong and Morris Moy are in one heart. They will go to Belgium to take up the 100 km Trailwalker challenge in late August. 

They have been undergoing tough training over the months, demonstrating the cooperation between able-bodied people and persons with disability through sports, as well as promoting the spirit of endurance and actualizing mission impossible. They aim to raise funds for the Community-based Support Service for Persons with Acquired Disability in this attempt.

Please support the four Fearless Dragon Trailwalkers to complete the challenge of 100 km walk! Your donation will give them energies to move forward!

Community-based Support Service for Persons with Acquired Disability is a new project administered by Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society (HKNPIS). Its goal is to support people who have sight, hearing or limb loss as a result of an illness or accident, to rebuild their lives and find the new direction.

The funds raised will be applied to the following services: 

- Life Navigation Service
- Career orientation and counselling
- Home visits
- Training on daily life skills 
- Training on the application of assistive technologies 

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