Muse Fearless Dragon Charity Run 2019




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on 8 May 2019

Date:  16 March 2019 (Sat)

Time:  2pm – 4pm (runners will be allocated in different time slots if needed) 

Venue:  Shatin Sports Ground (No. 18 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin)

Registration: Please click here

Minimum donation: HK$250 (the funds will support HKNPIS Fearless Dragon Running Team. Extra donations are welcomed)

How :

  1. Format: 2 runners to pair up as a team. You can choose to run as either:

(A)  A Guide Runner who will lead a blind buddy to run; or

(B)  A Blindfolded Runner, guided by your buddy. 

You can register as a pair or as an individual ( The organiser will match suitable buddy for individual registrants)


  1. Distance: each team will run at least 5 laps (i.e. 2 km per person).


  • Upon completion of a lap, you will receive a wristband to record the number of laps you have run.
  • You can pause and take a rest during the run.
  • More than one team will start at the same time


  1. Group photo of Fearless Dragon Blindfold 200KM Ultramarathon


  1. Grab the chance to run with world-class marathoner side by side – challenge with a Kenyan champion:

Without travelling aboard you can run with Kenyan professional marathoner Lukas in blind-fold for 1 lap.  Your support will directly benefit a group of young athletes who have been training in long-distance running in Kenya for years. They live in poverty and are deprived of a chance to unleash their potential in races. Your support of just HK$250 to this challenge will enhance your resonation in inclusion to the next level.

Support Kenyan runners, visit Lukas’ fundraising page

Souvenirs for participants

  • Challenge Champion Medal with braille
  • Running Training Workshops hosted by our #Inclusive Ambassadors
  • Towel
  • Tote bag
  • Nature soother for mosquito bites
  • Joint gel for pain relieve
  • ARC Bluetooth speaker (value HK$400) for first 300 registration (first-come-first-served)


Free training workshop


Workshop(1)  Kenyan Style Running Training (value HK$150):

Date and time: 4-6pm. 16 March (Fearless Dragon Blindfold Ultramarathon 200km will be held on the same day)

Venue:   Shatin Sports Ground

Content: elite marathon runner, [email protected] will teach the authentic running skills and stretching exercises practised in the Kenyan training camp.


Workshop(2):  Fearless Dragon Special Training 

Date and time:  7:30pm-9:00pm, 28 Feb and 7 Mar (Thursday)

Venue:      Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground, (No. 158 Hammer Hill Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon)

Content: Chan Ka Ho / Yiu Kit Ching, coach of Fearless Dragon Running Team will lead running and strength training.  Participants will also learn how to be a guided runner, to get prepared for the 16 March challenge