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"Hand in Hand" is a choral festival for LGBT friendly choirs. Started in London in 2013, it has become a successful biennial event in the UK. In Nov 2015, Proud Voices Asia has organized this festival in Taipei, Taiwan. It has become the first ever LGBT music festival in this scale. Two years later, the festival held in Seoul has become more popular. This year, 2019, it has moved to Tokyo, Japan.

The elements Choir is formed by members from different background, we have students, youngsters started working in the society. Our first encounter with Hand in Hand was back in 2017, the Hand in Hand Seoul festival in 2017. It was an amazing experience that brought us to a whole new world. We sang together, played togerther and, most of all, we met people that had an affinity for music, like us!

In preparation for our second time to the festival, we re-arranged music for choral singing by ourselves, We practised weekly despite the busy life in Hong Kong, we tried hard to get over the obstacles get into our way despite the fact that we are usually short of time and budget. We believe we are ready to show the world our passion for music and how much we have grown since we last met.

As time to join the festival is approaching fast, we would like to grasp this chance to let you know about us and collect donation from you. The donations will be used for :

  1. Sponsoring the tour - flight, accommodation, festival fees
  2. Rehearsal cost - venue booking, tutoring cost from professionals
  3. Any outstanding amount will be our operational fees. Note that all of us are volunteers and we don't get paid. No adminstrative fees on our group, all the money would go to our resources including musical instrument, group clothes and other materials that may be required for purpose of performance

We plan to join the event this year, and the next event to be held in Hong Kong. We sincerely wish you not only support us financially, but also join us in the concert in Tokyo or the next one in Hong Kong 2021/2022 (TBC).

Expenditure Forecast

We would also like to share with you how do we plan to spend the money for this event. As you can see, we are asking for HKD 336,100, which is the calculated amount as described in the following table.

We follow a simple philosophy to spend our money : We use all the resources avaialble first, before we purchase at a reasonable price. For musical instruments or costumes on the members, we try to ask the volunteers to bring their own and save cost. For one time cost, like flight tickets, we have no choice but to spend.

We will have 31 members on stage for the performance, and 8 supporting members to along to help on off-stage like itinarary, make up, video recording. And we will be joining the whole festival, including the welcome party, all the rehearsals and of course the on stage performance to make the most out of our participation in the festival.

Please find below the financial forcast for this event:

Item Unit Price Qty Subtotal
Flight Ticket + local transport $5,000 39 $195,000
Accomodation $1,800 39 $70,200
HiH admission $1,100 39 $42,900
Rehearsal Cost $8,000 1 $8,000
Videotaping and Post production $20,000 1 $20,000
Cosmetics $50 31 Covered by Volunteers
Large Instrument Transport (e.g. Bass Drum) $2,500 1 Covered by Volunteers
Instrument $20,000 1 Covered by Volunteers
Costumes $300 31 Covered by Choir members

About Us

We started in November 2011 as an interest group. After almost a decade of support and help from all walks of life, we developed from just six youngsters who love singing and creating music to a choir with over 30 members and we have all the chemistry we needed to advance and prosper.

Over the past ten years, we joined various performances, both huge and simple ones, earned support from different people, organizations as well as the society. Four years ago, we have our very first concert in Kowloon Union Church and garnered much support and valuable advice from the audiences. In the following year, elements Choir was invited to perform in Community Business 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards Gala Dinner. In 2017, we participated in the Hand in Hand Festival, along with different LGBT choirs from across Asia. It was our pleasure to share the same stage with another HK LGBT-friendly choir, the Harmonics, and we benefitted a great deal from this trip. With this invaluable experience, we held our Christmas concert in the same church as we had our first one. The tickets were sold to the public and we received many positive critiques.

We are a choir which endeavors to include everyone no matter their music level or talents. There are classes for beginners and extra sessions for the advanced. We also have guest singers group for those who can't attend our regular practice sessions and an instrumental group for members who possess non-singing talent.

Stepping into our 10th anniversary, we continue to spread positive energy to our friends and the society, and to promote a more diverse society with our music. We are elements Choir.

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(approximately US$11*)

Thanks for the support, we will share the video with you after the show

Estimated Delivery: May 2019
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We would use it for rehearsal cost, music score and instrument rental. We will send you a postcard from Japan!

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We would use it for HiH admission fee for one member and we will reward you with 1 pre-trip concert ticket on 31 March.

Estimated Delivery: Mar 2019
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(approximately US$321*)

We would use it for one member's accommodation in Tokyo. We will reward you with 2 pre-trip concert ticket on 31 March. 

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(approximately US$641*)

We would use it for one member's flight ticket . We will send you a postcard from Japan and give you 2 pre-trip concert ticket on 31 March as reward.

Estimated Delivery: Mar 2019
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(approximately US$1,154*)

We would use it for one member's full cost for the Hand in Hand Tokyo 2019 trip. We will send you a postcard from Japan and give you 4 pre-trip concert ticket on 31 March as reward.

Estimated Delivery: Mar 2019
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