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Funding ends: 7 Sep 2018

In February 2013, the “Green Hedge Action” was implemented in China to implement an irreversible day for environmental protection policies!

In December 2016, the government-sponsored Yan Oi Tong Waste Recycling Center collapsed and only operated for a short period of three years!

On September 22, 2017, seven days after the recycling of waste was stopped, the garbage was besieged and piled up like a mountain!

If we rely solely on the recycling of wastes and disregard the use of environmentally friendly products that use bio-degradable materials, we will never be able to solve all the problems brought about by recycling. Hong Kong produces 9,000 metric tons of rubbish every 24 hours. Today we do not need to stop it. I am afraid that one day, Hong Kong is no longer suitable for human habitation! What's more the 2018 Budget has nothing to say about environmental protection! Now that we have reached a critical juncture, although everyone's generous power is very small. But we can make a great decision. We need you!

We need you to share a 100% biodegradable bags  with your colleagues, classmates, neighbors, family and friends every day! Enjoy the fun of communion together in the following places! Restaurant, company's pantry, lunch on campus, neighbourhood and country activities!

Hong Kong government policy

At present, the government's environmental protection regulations do not specify that 4P plastic bags (PP, PE, PS, and PVS) have been banned or imposed import taxes, leading to serious abuse of plastic bags. There is no policy to encourage the use of a 100% biodegradable bag scheme, nor does it require all government departments to use a 100% biodegradable bag as the government of Taiwan.


Vendors have to take large quantities due to the high production costs of manufacturers, but the storage time of 100% biodegradable bag is short, and indirectly, other suppliers are afraid to enter the goods rashly.

Marketing platform

There are also many environmental protection organizations and groups in Hong Kong, but there is no platform to promote the use of 100% biodegradable bags and there is no active action!

Health! Save?

Each size of 100% biodegradable bag is 45cmx32cmx20cm, can hold about 10kg, sharing price is HK$3.9/each, 10 bags for each roll, minimum order is 1 roll for per person (HKD39), up to 100 rolls (HKD3900). The goal is to raise 100,000 100% biodegradable bags(manufacturer minimum requirements)! Achieve the above number will be immediately stop!

# If crowdfunding fails to achieve target, we will arrange for a refund. You need to pay 3% refund fee (bank charged). We will pay you back 97% of your fund.

We need you to share a 100% biodegradable bag with your colleagues, classmates, neighbors, family and friends every day!Enjoy the fun of communion together in the following places!Restaurant, company's pantry, lunch on campus, and country side activities!


Each 100% biodegradable bag, which can hold a weight of 10 kilograms, avoids unnecessary strains on the staff in the restaurant who must carry the food waste. Convenient and cost-effective way to collect food waste. Bags can be biodegraded and do not need to be hired by hands to classify food waste.

Company's pantry

After the lunch, the food waste is collected in the company's pantry  with biodegradable bags. If it is used in conjunction with the kitchen waste machine, the entire biodegradable bag full of food waste is put  into the kitchen waste machine directly. When the kitchen machine goes to work untill tomorrow. It will process an organic natural fertilizer that was supplied to all the colleagues who planted small potted plants.

School canteen

After the students finish lunch on campus, they can put the  food waste into the designated  collection point and use the biodegradable bag to seal the kitchen waste. It will not produce unpleasant odors until the kitchen waste collectors take the food. Let  the  food waste change to organic natural fertilizer with kitchen machine  for plant fertilization on campus.

The 100% biodegradable bag pack food waste and can be decomposed by using a kitchen waste machine directly without remove the 100% biodegradable bag. It is no longer necessary to separate the plastic bags by hand, saving a lot of costs for the society as a whole, and the Earth does not need to decomposition of plastic bags for a hundred years!

The advantages of a 100% biodegradable bag:


Natural decomposition to carbon and water for about 300 days

Kitchen machine

Achieve complete decomposition and become natural fertilizer in about 12 hours (depending on the capacity of kitchen waste)


Does not release harmful substances and only releases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide


Suitable for industrial compost


At present, different biodegradable bags have been produced in different countries and regions around the world. This time, the Crowdfunding have adopted European and American testing standards, which are independently tested by DIN CERTCO Laboratories and are fully compliant with environmental standards.

BPI    International recognition meets environmental standards

       Compostable   Internationally recognized decomposable label