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on 30 October 2016

About Rico's Fundraiser

I target to raise HK$2,000 for Eco-Rangers 2016.

Keep them in the ECO-RANGERS this year again!


Event Information


While most Hong Kong people are busy with work every day, they do not realize that the surrounding environment has been gradually threatened by “Environmental Monsters”! Do you want to see our Old & Valuable Trees (OVTs), crystal clear streams and fresh air slowly disappears? We need you to become one of our "Eco-Rangers" to defend the precious ecological resources of Hong Kong by wiping out these “Environmental Monsters”!

If you consider yourself courageous and prudent, become an "Eco-Ranger" now and defend our ecology! Challenge the monsters in an orienteering competition at Tai Lam Country Park (Ngau Liu) on October 30 and safeguard our planet!

Sunday, 30 October 2016
Tai Lam Country Park (Ngau Liu)
Map Format:
International Standard Orienteering Map in scale 1:10000 and 5m contour interval (1:10000, VI 5m)
Punching and Timing:
Chinahealth Electronic Punching and Timing System (Will be provided by the organizer)
Departure Time:
10:00 am to 02:00pm (exact time to be arranged by categories)
Time Limit:
2 hours (Score Orienteering Event)
Individual / Dual / Trio / Family Team/ Corporate Team
Enrollment Deadline:
Wednesday, 5 October 2016 (First come first served)






No. of person


Individual (Men)



Age on Race Date: 15 or above*

(participants must have attended orienteering training course or participated in formal orienteering competition#)

Individual (Women)





Age on Race Date: 10 or above*

(participants aged between 10 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult)








Family Team
(2 - 4 members)


2 - 4

Must include a minimum of one participant aged between 4 and 12 and one family members aged 18 or above. 

Corporate Team


1 - 4

Age on Race Date: 4 or above*

(Participants aged between 4 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult)


Event fee plus Minimum Donation Fee**


$580 per person

Family Team:
Team of 2 persons - HK$900 per team 
Team of 3 persons - HK$1,500 per team 
Team of 4 persons - HK$2,000 per team 

Corporate Team
HK$12,000 per team


* A parent or guardian’s written consent is required for all applicants aged under 18. Team leader should aged 15 or above.
# Relevant certificate or declaration letter is required. 
Business/Corporations are welcome to sponsor corporate team(s) / low-income families / students / non-profit organizations to participate.



Tel: 2728 6781 / 2272 0302


How to Play


Mission 1. Go throughthe Check Points

Go through as many Check Points as possible within the 2-hour time limit to collect score using the given orienteering map and compass. The more Check Points to go through the more score collected!

Mission 2. Catch Environmental Monsters

Increase your score by the 6 Environmental Monsters roaming on the loose.

Mission 3. Solve Ecological Quizzes

Complete a quiz within a given time during each monster encounter to gain a higher score!

The team who earns the highest score within the given time limit wins. Teams that finish outside the given time limit will have their score deducted accordingly. Should there be a tie with more than one team having the same score, the team with the lesser time wins.


About the Six Environmental Monsters

Rogue Tusker

Place of Birth: Unknown
Haunt: Developed cities
Profile: The giant monster is so crafty that it can transform itself into various forms of “white elephant” – for example the third airport runway, high-speed rail and so on.  It is good at persuading people to accept its presence, even though it is doing harm to the spots of high ecological value. It is hazardous to wildlife such as Chinese white dolphins. It takes a lot away from the community but it never gives back. 

Gaudy Goldy 

Place of Birth: Mountain in the New Territories
Haunt: Rural area
Profile: A self-centered rogue, who is  driven by monetary interest for everything. It often drives to the rural area, wetland and conservation area to dump construction wastes, damaging the soil and the local ecology. It also likes to build three storey luxurious houses in rural area at the expense of greenery area in the New Territory


Incense Snatcher

Place of Birth: Greedy planet
Haunt: Mature forest
Profile: It misappropriates the wild agarwood for making profits. Agarwood is a plant that would bleed a resin to protect itself from infection. This resin can be made into a valuable type of Chinese herbal medicine. 


Flame Thrower

Place of Birth: Inferno
Haunt: Greenery areas/forest
Evilness :
Profile: The culprit of fire that ruins greenery area and tree plantation. It is especially active on low-humidity days and the Ching Ming Festival and Chung Yeung Festival when people go tomb-sweeping.


Tree Topper

Place of Birth unknown
Haunt: Urban area
Profile: An arrogant artist who enjoys topping trees in its own “professional” ways and even cutting off trees regardless of the life and ecological value of trees.  


Plastic Trasher

Place of Birth: Civilized society
Haunt: Shops/retail outlets
Profile: A die-hard user of plastic utensils, food containers and bottled water, who consider plastic bag convenient. It never reuses or recycles the plastic items. It leaves the plastic waste in the sea that becomes hazards to ocean creatures and emits toxic and pollutants. 


Use of Proceeds & About The Conservancy Association


The fund raised will be used to support The Conservancy Association’s local environmental education and nature protection programmes.

The Conservancy Association (CA) founded in 1968 is a well recognized environmental charity organization with the longest history in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of both the existing and future generations, and to ensure that Hong Kong shoulders her regional and global environmental responsibilities. We focus on local environmental issues, especially in tree conservation, nature conservation, agriculture development, waste reduction & recycling and environmental policies advocating.
Website : www.cahk.org.hk 


Important Notice


  1. The outdoor event possesses potential risks and danger. The Organizer has purchased Public Liability Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance for the event. Participants may purchase accident / casualty insurance and property insurance on their own whenever necessary.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse any application.
  3. All application fees and other donations are not refundable. If a participant provides incorrect information, fails to pay application fee or follow correct application procedure within designated time, the Organizer reserves the right to reject their application.
  4. All participants must declare they are physically fit to join and participate in the event. They must comply and accept the requirements and related terms established by the event Organizer. Any person who is pregnant or suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease or high blood pressure should not join the event. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant known or suspected to be unfit to participate in the event. All application fees and donations of the disqualified person will not be refunded.
  5. Participants are encouraged to wear event T-Shirt or colorful jerseys and proper shoes so as to alert hikers and other park visitors from distance.
  6. Participants should always pay attention to the safety of themselves and other park users (hikers/cars) during the event. Participants should stop or slow down and give way to the hikers, especially along narrow and steep sections. Participants shall assume liability in case of any accident caused by negligence, which results in death or injury, or any damage to or loss of property during the course of the event.
  7. Bib tag should be displayed in front of the chest of all participants for identification.
  8. Participants may be disqualified if he/she fails to arrive at the starting area before the designated start time.
  9. Timing chips will be provided by the organizer. Participants are liable for compensation of $150 per piece in case of damage or loss.
  10. The Organizer reserves the right of final decision of the event. Any changes or contingent measures for the event announced by the Organizer and posted on the Organizer’s web page shall prevail.
  11. All final decisions will be based on the Chinese version of the leaflet.

Detailed Note for Participants will be uploaded onto The Conservancy Association’s website two weeks prior to the event and will be sent to all team leaders via email. All leaders please forward the note to their members.


Inclement Weather & Emergency Arrangement

  1. The event will be cancelled if tropical cyclone warning signal No. 3 or above, red or black rainstorm warning is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory on the event day before 7:00am.
  2. The event will be delayed for 30 minutes if thunderstorm warning is hoisted (affecting New Territories West) by the Hong Kong Observatory before the event. The event will be cancelled if the warning is hoisted (affecting New Territories West) by the Hong Kong Observatory for over an hour.
  3. The event will be temporarily halted or cancelled if tropical cyclone warning signal No.3 or above, red or black rainstorm warning or thunderstorm warning is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory during the event. All participants should immediately look for a safe place to stay temporarily. 
  4. The event will be temporarily halted or cancelled if emergency situations occur during the event due to natural or man-made disasters (flood, hill fire, landslide, collapse of tree, earthquake, damage of road, fights, etc.). All participants should immediately look for a safe place to stay temporarily. If participants do not follow the instructions given by officials, the Organizer shall not assume any liability of any lost or injury caused. 
  5. In case of any accident (such as crash or knocking down animals that leads to injury, etc). The Organizer reserves the right to temporarily halt, delay and cancel the event to allow timely support and rescue.

For details, please refer to event website www.cahk.org.hk 

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