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Due to a revision in the cost of materials to produce a prototype of Dozeno, the funding needed for the project is less that initially required. With several recent requests to fund this project, FringeBacker has approved a project extension for a further 7 days of fundraising until Apr 2, 2014. For more details, please refer to the project update of Mar 25, 2014.


The ThinkSeries Leadership Programme is an annual training workshop for secondary school students to nurture their leadership and explore their potential. This year we challenge 19 students from all over Hong Kong to develop a new electronic product which they will promote to international buyers at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), 13th-16th April 2014.

The aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to allow the students to raise funds to provide a proof of concept of their product in time for the Electronics Fair. Amongst other things, this may include a fully working prototype and/ or a 3D-rendered model of their product.

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Our product is a fashionable and comfortable wristwatch targeted at sleep lovers. Although it looks similar to an ordinary watch at first glance, it does not only work as a time-telling device.

The product "Dozeno" is a watch that consists of a muscle-movement sensor built from existing technology which detects if the user is asleep or awake. When a person is falling asleep, the sensor detects it and immediately sends an electric signal to trigger the alarm, waking the user.

To dismiss the alarm, all the user has to do is to press a small reset button on the watch "Dozeno", indicating that the user is now awake. With this unique and wearable device that could be worn by everyone, students will not doze off in class, passengers will not miss their bus stops and accidents caused by drowsy drivers will surely be prevented.


The purpose of crowdfunding is mostly to make a prototype, allowing our ideas to be put to the test, which involves purchasing of materials and further research and development throughout the process. Some of the money funded will also be used for carrying out logistics, ensuring you as supporters can get your rewards and be updated with the latest news of our project. The remaining money will assist our group in further promoting our project, which requires more administrative work.


Girlzzz is made up of 5 members who are all secondary students currently studying in Hong Kong. We have joined the ThinkSeries Leadership Programme and hope to take this valuable opportunity to share our ideas, test out our product, and provide proof of concept.

The team includes:
Louiva Lai
Dorothy Lau
Jade Wong
Jessie Ng
Olivia Wan

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  • Thank you from the project team and acknowledgement in our booth at the HKTDC Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2014

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  • Meet and Greet the project team at the HKTDC Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2014
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  • Receive a 3D prototype and/ or an in-depth project report (subject to the proof of concept)
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