Don't Qua Charity Action 2018 Charity

Don't Qua Charity Action 2018

Project by Suicide Prevention Services

"Don' t Qua" Charity Action is our annual featured event which will be held during July & August, the traditional Chinese "Summer Solstice” , to help reduce body heat and wipe away the tears and sorrow of distressed elderlies. “Dong Qua” is winter melon in Chinese. "Qua” is a Cantonese homonym of “Die", thus "Don't die". During the hottest period of the year, we will organise a flagship volunteer programme including home visits and serving “Don' t Qua Charity Luncheon” for old folks. The event not only aims to make the elderly feel loved and help them overcome feelings of despair, but also raise society's awareness of elderly suicide prevention. On average, one elderly person dies by suicide in Hong Kong every day. Over the past 23 years, SPS has been striving to serve emotionally distressed and suicidal elderlies. Your generous support will definitely allow SPS to sustain and develop better services for the needy. By donation of $300, you can sponsor an elderly to join the Don't Qua Charity Luncheon on 17 July!


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