Operation Santa Claus MBA Challenge 2017




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on 5 January 2018

Launched: 9 Nov 2017

Funding ends: 5 Jan 2018

        We are a group of six students from the full-time MBA program of HKU (Class of 2018) spreading the magic of kindness this Christmas season.

We believe that when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. The goal of our project is to collect donations for charity and we intend to do it in a fun and entertaining way. Dance is an universal way of enjoying and spreading love. We invite people to do the magic Santa dance (as displayed on our youtube channel) and upload their video on their respective social media accounts with #HKUnited mentioned in the caption. Alternatively, they can donate through our website to a select group of charitable trusts involved with making a difference to the lives of children, senior citizens and disabled people. They can do both at the same time and double their contribution to our goal.


         The purpose of our project is to collect a minimum of HKD 200,000.00 for donation to 14 charitable organizations working for the betterment of orphans, disabled people and senior citizens. The funds collected, will be directly donated to the select group of charitable organizations. Donors will be provided with receipts as well as select merchandise as an acknowledgement of their contribution.



a)    We are going to Initiate a viral marketing campaign through the magic Santa Dance challenge – people could either do the magic Santa dance and upload their video of the dance on various social media platforms (with #HKUnited mentioned in the caption) or they can donate through our platform or do both. The idea is create a buzz around our concept and involve maximum no. of people in a fun way.

b)    We will also set up photo booths where people can come and take a picture with our online star – the Magic Santa and they can donate on the spot. 

c)    We will invite our vast alumni community at HKU including staff/alumni of HKU to join in.

d)    We will also welcome organizations and corporates to sponsor our cause and put up their advertisements on our photo booth!


       The goal of our project is to collect the target amount by the end of December 2017. The project will go live on 13-Nov-2017. We will immediately release the viral video of the magic Santa dance to get people involved with our project. Simultaneously we will be approaching our alumni network and supportive corporate for individual as well as corporate donations. The photo booths will be set up at select locations during the last week of November and first week of December.


         We are a group of 6 students from the full-time MBA program of the University of Hong Kong (class of 2018). We are from different countries viz. Canada, Japan, India, Philippines and Taiwan.  Our team members have been passionately involved with various charitable organizations right from our school days and our participation in the Operation Santa Claus MBA charity challenge is the natural extension of that experience.

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