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Diocesan Choral Society (DCS) has always been at the forefront of producing outstanding choral music. In 2017, with the generous support from our patrons, sponsors and donors, we had a musical exchange in Fukuoka, Japan with the Kyushu University Choir, where we performed for a wide range of audiences, from primary school students to choral music lovers. Our summer of music-making culminated with our annual summer concert in Hong Kong, sharing our songs with our supporters back home.

In July this year, we will be challenging ourselves and participating in the Tokyo International Choir Competition.  We are delighted to have been one of the 8 choirs selected from a pool of 46 choirs to compete in the final round in the contemporary music category (https://www.ticctokyo.icot.or.jp). Through competing at an international competition, DCS not only wishes to attain new artistic heights, but also broaden our horizons and share our passion for choral music with people around the world. This will be preceded by our annual concert which will be held on 21st of July 2018 at the Yunni & Maxine Pao Auditorium in Diocesan Boys' School.

We will, however, need your generous donation in order to achieve the above, because:

·   many of our members are students or young adults who are not yet financially independent, and do not have the financial means to pay for their tour expenses,

·   running a choir incurs significant ongoing costs and expenses, e.g. music purchase, venue rental, promotion, administration, and

·   our ticket sales from our concerts are not sufficient to cover our expenses.

We therefore depend on your generosity in supporting our music. Without your kind support, it will not be possible for us to achieve our goals. Every dollar of your donation will also be matched dollar by dollar by a matching donor.

Thank you for supporting DCS!

About Diocesan Choral Society

The Diocesan Choral Society (DCS) was founded by graduates of Diocesan Boys’ School and Diocesan Girls’ School to continue down the musical path they forged together in their secondary school days. Under the baton of Ronnie Kay Yen Cheng, former members of the DBS and DGS mixed choirs gather, united by the common goal of producing exceptional choral music.

Our Vision and Mission

Continuing the undefiled music heritage of DBS and DGS, DCS aims to inspire and enlighten through voice and music. DCS intends to lead by example by inspiring other schools and musical groups to contribute to lifelong music education and development. Through music, we also aim to contribute to worthy causes related to music education and social empowerment.

DCS provides an excellent platform to support and nurture budding talented musicians, which in turn encourages leadership and independence in students and alumni of DBS and DGS through choral arts and music education. Last but not least, we emphasise the fostering of a sense of collective camaraderie and responsibility towards the greater good.

Recent Activities and Achievements


  • Sir David Todd’s memorial service at Loke Yew Hall, HKU
  • Community Engagement and Charity Event at Central Harbourfront
  • Charity performance at St Andrew’s Church
  • Joint performance with Kyushu University Choir at Shiiki Hall, Kyushu University
  • Annual summer concert “Chanson Éloignée”


  • Participated in the Taipei International Choral Festival, one of the biggest choral music festivals in Asia.  DCS participated in 3 full concerts and 4 charitable and community engagement performances.
  • Annual summer concert “Wipip”


Our first summer concert “First Flight”. The concert programme included exciting new pieces the choir had never attempted before, as well as a celebration of favourite pieces established in the choir’s repertoire from 15 years of performances and competitions.


Received Gold Diplomas in both the Youth Choir and Musica Sacra Category in the 2014 World Choir Games, Latvia

More About Us

To learn more about DCS, please visit our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages below

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diocesan.choral.society/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiocesanChoralSociety/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPhiWaGjWVcothrrylv7Fpw

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