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Update on trip destination

Update on 12 Apr 2019

Throughout the past few months, we worked proactively with our partnering organization in Thailand to prepare for the summer activity, including applying an official medical visa for all our volunteers. 

Unexpectedly, we received a reply from the Thai government last month and the conditions it offered was far from our aim & objective, and both we and our partnering organization agree that accepting such offers are not favourable for our service trip.

Instead of disappointingly cancel it, fortunately, with our proactive works and the support from our partnering organization, we are now able to connect with Cheerful Life Foundation's branch in Myanmar and continue our service trip there. 

In our new plan, Dentice will be serving orphanages and economically-compromised individuals in Maymyo, a town near the city of Mandalay, Myanmar. The service needs, service contents, number of service recipients, our aim & objective and the expected outcomes are generally similar to what we have prepared for the Thailand service trip. 

Once again, your generosity is essential for us to continue our works. We need your support!!! Thanks.

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