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PROJECT TITLE:Democrats in Macau: New Macau Association Crowdfunding

1.Projection introduction

For 25 years, the New Macau Association maintained financial independence and never received a dime from the Government and the Macau Foundation. We are a pro-democrat political organization in Macau. We support and promote the values of human rights, democracy and the rule of law and we regularly engage with the government in different policy areas, such as education, public finance, social policies, housing, transportation, environmental protection, cultural conservation and political reform. In every Legislative election since 1992, we nominated candidates and successfully get elected every time. Using the Assembly as a platform, we advance our work in different areas and monitor the government. We also support the important work of alternative media to disseminate important information to the public in the conservative media environment. Public, civil education about democratic value and opposition knowledge is also important part of our work.


Our operating fund came from 20% of the salary of our lawmakers, annual membership fee (MOP$200) and small donation from supporters and citizens. Using these fund and support, the New Macau Association organized a lot of the social movement, social actions and policies advocacy and support our training work, personnel, printing materials and other expenses.


Politics is a long war. One cannot win without resources. Each dime of your donation is our only way to move forward and monitor the government. If you value our existence, please join our crowdfunding project!



2. How will we use the funding?

From 1992, the NMA has maintained financial independence, unaffected by the powerful groups, and has work tirelessly for the Macau society. Our income came from membership fee, part of the salary of the elected lawmakers and donation from different sector of the society.


Right now, the NMA has two full-time employees, in charge of administration work and media. Their monthly salaries account for a total of MOP$30,000. Other expenses such as rent, printing cost us about MOP$20,000 each month.


Although in last election, one member of the NMA is elected deputies of the Legislative Assembly, the NMA cannot fully cover all expenses using the salary alone. Thus, donation from the civil society is of paramount importance!

Funding from this project will be used for monthly organizational expenses of the NMA and the lawmaker’s office, as well as other social service project. 


3. Promotion campaign

On the Internet, we will use the Facebook page and website of the NMA to promote this crowdfunding project. The NMA also has various online radio shows, live every week on Facebook. The project will also be promoted in these shows.

In the community, we will promote the project using New Macau, a newsletter published by the NMA, which will be distributed in different area in Macau.




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