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Launched: 29 Nov 2017

Funding ends: 8 Feb 2018

What has been the story so far? 

Sea Island & Ferry is an unlikely neo-chamber ensemble consisting of both Western and traditional Chinese instruments rooted in Hong Kong. We perform a repertoire of both original material and recomposed covers. We were formed in early 2016, and we will be entering our third year, after playing literally more than a dozen shows in Hong Kong. 

We will be releasing Crossings, our first album of original works in early 2018 (available initially on digital platforms). While the name of our group conveys important Hong Kong features like the sea, islands, and the ferry, the title Crossings links these features together into stories. The works contained in the album are inspired by journeys of people who were in transition between different places, or different situations in life.  

What are we hoping to do?

We are now puttting together a feature performance which will follow the release of the Crossings album. We hope to make this concert a visual experience, so that more people will be able to enjoy the music. Teaming up with Mau Hou-cheong (aka No.6), an experienced music video director and also front man of the local pop group RubberBand, we hope to create and produce short films that will be screened along with us playing our original works during the performance. In other words, this is kind of a “live filmscoring” concert. 

When is it happening?

We have secured a spot at the Black Box Theatre, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Shek Kip Mei during the weekend of 14 and 15 April 2018. We have two confirmed performances for now, but more may be added if we have many backers who would like tickets. The clock is ticking, and we hope to get moving with getting the films ready.

How can you help?

By backing this project, you will be directly supporting the production costs of the films as well as the performance itself. You will also be supporting our promotion costs. You can, of course, also help us by sharing this crowdfunding request, or links to our album and ticket sales with your friends on social media, or by telling them about us.

By helping with the production of the films, you also open a world of opportunities for Sea Island & Ferry, by enabling us to deliver a similar experience to audience in other places.

Our target, $88000 is only about half of the total project cost. We appreciate all the support we can get.

Let us say thanks to you!

Backers will be able to choose from a range of rewards, including CDs*, DVDs, and tickets to the film screening performance. They can choose to receive custom-made drip coffee bags from Brew Note Coffee Roaster, a local company which has been supportive of our music.

We will also be printing a simple leaflet which will be handed out to the audience during the performance in April 2018. There we will list the names of all backers, in whatever way they would like to be identified.

*Backers selecting reward packages including a CD will be able to download the album digitally at the end of the crowdfunding period (early February 2018)

How about Vinyl records?

We know you like our music, but at this stage, we are not yet able to confirm whether we can produce vinyl records. We suggest you back us selecting a reward package including music download or a CD, and leave us a note to let us know that you are "Interested in Vinyl". This show of interest is commitment-free, and is mainly for informing our decision of whether to produce vinyls. We will follow up accordingly and make sure you get a good discount when the vinyls are available for order.


Live Performance of Sea Island & Ferry at wow and flutter THE WEEKEND 2017


Sea Island & Ferry was formed when singersongwriter Arnold Fang (piano and creative lead) teamed up with musicians Kayne Ho (xiao chinese flute) and Tim Tong (cello). Working with us on this project are Mau Hou-cheong (aka No. 6 - film director), Saki Ho (designer), Jeremy Cheng (producer - studio album) and Yip Kit (project manager and producer - screening performance). 

Among the team, Arnold, Kayne Ho, Jeremy and Kit have worked closely even before the founding of Sea Island & Ferry, most notably in the 2011 project Wintermotifs of Arnold Fang & Storytellers, which also included an album release and a feature performance.  

Promotion video produced by Paul Wong (Paul and Phoebe Limited). 


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