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Myanmar is one of the poorest member states of ASEAN, the GDP spending on education has remained as low as 2.1% in 2013-14. Due to the lack of funding, schools in Myanmar are poorly equipped and academic resources and teaching styles are often outdated, hindering students to develop the prerequisite skills for better career and life opportunities. As a result, many students turn to community learning centres for English and scholarship preparation programs which could, hopefully, help them get the opportunity to study overseas.

Connecting Myanmar is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong committed to connect Hong Kong youths with Myanmar youths through the transfer of knowledge and experience. Since 2012, more than 120 student volunteers from Hong Kong have been sent to share their Hong Kong learning experience with Myanmar youths. The feedback from past volunteers has reflected that trainings on social awareness and critical thinking are highly recommended for Myanmar youths, so as to bring out more of their talents and potentials in contributing to their communities and their country.

Under the theme of “Global Citizenship Education”, the proposed exchange program by Connecting Myanmar seeks to offer Hong Kong students an opportunity to step into Myanmar, one of our Asian counterparts, and Myanmar students an opportunity to go outside of Myanmar, to exchange ideas about different global issues pertinent to the context of Hong Kong and Myanmar.

During the week in Hong Kong, Hong Kong students will act as the buddy and host for Myanmar students. An equal number of Hong Kong and Myanmar students will participate in the program together and exchange their thoughts on the socio-economic situation in Myanmar and Hong Kong. After that, both the Hong Kong and Myanmar participants will spend a week in Myanmar to conduct workshops for Myanmar youth at local community organizations. They will apply their learnings and inspirations gained during the program in Hong Kong to bring positive changes to the disadvantaged Myanmar communities.

Overall, we hope the proposed program would offer a life-changing experience for the participants who are all potential change-makers in their communities and countries.

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Other than crowdfunding on Fringebacker, Connecting Myanmar also in the process of applying to educational grants of local charitable organisations in Hong Kong as the other funding source.

Connecting Myanmar
Project by
Connecting Myanmar


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Thank you letter from Connecting Myanmar 

HKD $ 150 can sponsor a day of expenses for a Myanmar student.

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Thank you letter from Connecting Myanmar + Postcard (by local post)

HKD$500 can sponsor the 10-day insurance plans for 7 Myanmar students.

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Thank you letters written by Myanmar students + Reflection diaries written by Myanmar students + Laptop Decals/Skins (by local post)

HKD $ 700 can sponsor the expenses for local transport of two Myanmar students for 10 days in Hong Kong

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Thank you letters written by Myanmar students + Reflection diaries written by Myanmar students + Laptop Decals/Skins + Thank you letter written by Connecting Myanmar + Postcards (by local post)

HKD$1200 can cover the expense of the visa application fees of five Myanmar students

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Thank you letters written by Myanmar students + Reflection diaries written by Myanmar students + Laptop Decals/Skins Thank you letter written by Connecting Myanmar + Postcards (by local post) 

HKD$5000 can cover all the expenses of a Myanmar participant, including airtickets, accomodation, insurance, food expenses and local transportation.

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