Community Press Crowdfunding Scheme

Project by : 獨立媒體(香港)




raised of US$38,460 flexible goal


on 31 May 2019

Launched: 7 Apr 2019

Funding ends: 31 May 2019

Community Press Crowdfunding Scheme

Initiators: Leung Kai-chi, Alex Chow Yong-kang, Katty Law, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, Au Nok-hin, Clarisse Yeung, Ip Iam-chong

Initiating organization: Hong Kong In-media

Implementing organization:


After the Community Press Crowdfunding Scheme kick started last year, thank you for the warm pubic support, we have gathered HKD 32,000 in total. With the fund raised, over 20 community reporters from 7 districts went into their own communities and have 31 pieces of news written and published last year. Ma On Shan community paper MOS News and Yuen Long community paper Yuen Long Residents made their debut in February 2019. A small run of 3,000 copies each were printed to test the waters. All copies were quickly handed out and their headline news became talks of the town.

We have also delivered a community reportage training series. The 14-session workshop spanned over 3.5 months and attracted 60 people to join. The content of the workshops included news reporting, data analysis, photography, design and publishing, etc., so that our workshop participants could become community publishers. Together with the local folks, we renewed our understanding of various communities and also their local politics.

Why push forward community press? When the society is vigorously debating macro political issues, people tend to forget that our District Councils are already directly elected bodies. These councils, apart from providing services to local citizens, also have the right to discuss the planning and development of their own district, and have the power to approve millions of dollars for works and activities. Besides, district councillors have the right to elect their own functional constituency legislators and also the Chief Executive. Without the limelight from the media, the public would be oblivious to what is happening, rendering any form of participatory democracy out of question.

Therefore, we envisage that by producing district community papers,  we could foster a better sense of belonging amongst the community members and boost their expectations for community engagement, so as to build a solid foundation for the development of Hong Kong's democracy.

This year, we are going to call upon your support again, so that these community papers could continue to grow and flourish. MOS News and Yuen Long Residents have just made their debut, and we shall continue to give them the needed editorial and operational support, so that they could be better established. It is our hope that in one year's time, these two papers would be able to operate independently and sustainably. It is also our wish to support the publishing of two more district community papers, by providing training, reportage assistance and funds for publishing. We plan to organize a new series of training workshops for the aspiring community publishers.  

We are also unwavering in requiring our district papers to be professional and objective,  steadfast in their journalistic ethics while providing great and in depth analysis, as our pursuit for community based democracy. These papers will focus on upholding public interest and would not become a promotional channel for individuals.  


2018-2019  Project Report

Last year's work plan


Project Timeline

April 2019 Kick start crowdfunding

May 31, 2019 Crowdfunding ends

May 2019 Recruiting participants

June - August, 2019 Workshops for community reporters

July 2019 Man On News and Yuen Long Residents to accept advertisements

September 2019 Mid-term project review

October 2019 New teams to publish their test runs

March 2020 Project Adjourns


During the project period, we will continue to support the publishing of MOS News and Yuen Long Residents every one and a half months, apart from the two new community papers.

If we do not show how much we care about things happening around us and do not voice out for those living by our side, we should not expect others to come to our aid and solve our problems.  We hope that with the help of this community press crowdfunding, we could rebuild Hong Kong's democracy starting right from these communities. We look forward to your continued support and hope that you will be with us in this far reaching endeavor.  

Budget details

Community reporter training workshops:
At least 6 sessions. Facilitator fees $1,500/each = $8,000

MOS News and Yuen Long Residents community press:
$8,000 X 8 issues X 2 = $128,000

Two new community papers: $8,000 X 6 issues X 2 = $96,000

Test Runs: $2,000 X 10 =  $20,000
Project Coordinator ( MPFA incl.): $15,000 X 13 = $195,000

Contingencies: $12,000

Total Expense: $509,000
Fundraising Target: $300,000*

*deducting the surplus from last year ($135,000), projected ad income ($24,000), plus administrative cost and office space shouldered by In-media(HK) ($50,000)

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(approximately US$26*)

"Don’t let the truth be silent" Totebag (black or white)

Do not let the truth drown in the noise of the Internet.

Design: Kwan Siu Wang

Supported by: Culture and Media Education Foundation


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Books: "Our Umbrella" and "Citizen Reporters"


“Our Umbrella”

This book contains reports written by’s news team in 2014, before and during the Umbrella Movement.

Editor: Nate Chan

Publisher: Culture and Media Education Foundation, Hong Kong In-media

Date: Sep 2016

ISBN: 978-988-18264-4-2

Price: HKD78


“Citizen Reporters”

What is “citizen journalism”? Why did it emerge? What does it do?

Editor: Michelle Fong

Publisher: Culture and Media Education Foundation, Hong Kong In-media

Date: Jan 2017

ISBN: 978-988-18264-5-9

Price: HKD100

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MOS News readership: One-year MOS News subscription
Inaugural issue :

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Yuen Long Residents readership: One-year Yuen Long Residents subscription


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One-year subscription of MOS News, Yuen Long Residents and the new community papers.

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