Colourful Life Action Fund

Project by : 哈比仔 Hobby, Ho Chung Yin




raised of US$12,820 fixed goal

7 days

to go

Launched: 14 Jul 2017

Funding ends: 31 Jan 2018

After completing the unbelivable 3000km challenge, The Inferno Red Land Across The Sahara with STRiDA, and meeting LIFE in my desperate time, I understand more about love and life, whatever human or animial. 

To bring more colour to the cruel world, to bring hope to the unfortunate ones, I will establish a sustainable fund, Colourful Life Action Fund.


  • To share love to the community, via positive animal campaigns with caring and education messages  
  • To develop a trustful connection between animals and the society  


  • To support campaigns with core value of spreading love, and to support those animals in need  


  • Executive Committee: organize activites with love and animals as main theme  
  • Service: volunteer team, animal doctor training, visiting hospitals, elderly home, hospice, temporary shelter workshop, education talks and exhibition, etc 

Funding of this campaign will be used for startup fund of Colourful Life Action Fund, printing of photo album "Little LIFE: Invaluable Life - A Living Memoirs", expenses for migrating LIFE back to Hong Kong (e.g. cargo flight, vaccination) 


I invite you to donate and share this page, sharing love to the community 

Photo Album, "Little LIFE: Invaluable Life - A living Memoirs" (ready tentative in Dec 2017)

My precious moments with LIFE, to be shown via a special but secret technology 


  • Value of life 
  • Power of will  
  • Life affecting life  
  • The Energiser
  • Growth 
  • Never giveup
  • Heart to heart 
  • Love around the world 

Sharing session about Sahara experience, cum gathering and album signing by LIFE (organize tentatively in Dec 2017)  

To thank donors with T shirt, hand-print with Hobby Adventure Club logo   (ready in Dec 2017)