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Launched: 12 Apr 2017

Funding ends: 11 Jun 2017

Coaster is Hong Kong and Macau's first-ever beer magazine, and one of the few such publications in Asia. We’re a bilingual publication (English/Traditional Chinese) that launched in April 2016. Our overall aims are to increase education and knowledge about all things beer in Asia.

To this end, we’ve interviewed numerous leading figures in the industry, including:

  • International – BrewDog’s James Watt, Stone’s Greg Koch, Cicerone’s Ray Daniels, Two Birds’ Danielle Allen and Jayne Lewis, and more;

  • Local – Moonzen’s Michele and Laszlo Raphael, CityBrew’s Koey Chan, HK Brewcraft’s Chris Wong, Young Master’s Ronda Liu, Thirsty Brothers’ Thomas Lau, Americraft’s Laurie Goldberg, 852Beer/CBAHK’s Philip Hafstad and so many others.

We also cover new bar/restaurant openings; local and regional events; the latest in beer tech and related projects; international, regional and local news; beer reviews and tasting notes; homebrewing recipes and tips; and much more.

So, after a successful first year of hardcopy publishing, we’re making the big leap and going digital. But why – and why now?

  1. First and foremost, it means we can reach a lot more people. We receive a great deal of interest from people who have a hard time getting their hands on the print copies, or who want to know more about the local beer scene but don’t live in HK.
  2. We want to be more flexible and nimble when it comes to events, news and other items that require more immediate coverage than a bimonthly magazine can provide.
  3. Coaster has always been about the community, which is why we will be involving more contributors, more opinions and more voices as we do our part to drive the craft beer community forward.
  4. We’ve proved that people truly want to hear about what’s happening in Asia’s beer scene. Based on Coaster’s success so far and our regional vision, we ultimately aim to create custom content for major cities in the Asia region (eg. Taipei, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and beyond) as we develop and expand.


To successfully make the digital leap, we’re looking to raise at least HK$50,000. Donations of any size are welcomed, and anything above and beyond this figure will help us sustain operations, bring on more contributors and broaden our regional beer horizons:

  • $15,000 - Translation/contribution of content for HK/Macau Phase 1 launch;
  • $20,000 - Site consulting and Regional Phase 2 content build-out;
  • $15,000 - Merchandise creation to expand revenue streams (glassware, T-shirts and more).

Anything raised above $50,000 will help build and expand our Regional Phase 2 reach.


We’re aiming to launch our digital platform in June. The site will be free of charge, with no subscription required.


* Please allow 4-6 weeks after the close of the campaign for the delivery of T-shirts and glassware.

* In case of disputes, the English version of this document will prevail.


Thanks for all of your support thus far! If you’ve got any questions, we’re here to answer them. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get back to you as fast as we can. Cheers!


Sandra Kwong: Coaster’s fearless editor-in-chief steers the ship, represents us at all the hottest events and writes a large amount of our content.


Ryan Chan: Coaster’s superstar creative director is always on point, turning our stories into visual stunners.

Carleton Yip: Coaster’s wildly talented translator transforms our words into highly engaging reads in a way that Google Translate never could.

Shaheen Budhrani: Coaster’s diligent business development director is busy behind the scenes, driving our strategy and setting a course for the future.

Jon Braun:
Coaster’s other business development director does that stuff, too; he also copy-edits the magazine and writes a wide variety of pieces.


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