Children’s dental health is in your hands!

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Metta's services focus on street kids and their families in Cambodia, where we are currently serving about 30 kids. Children in the center rarely have the opportunity to go to the dentist because their family can't afford it.



Due to the lack of knowledge on dental care since childhood, some children have tooth decay when they come to the center, some may even need braces to align their teeth and jaws to prevent future cavities or gum diseases. Lack of immediate treatment put the children at risk of losing their teeth permanently!


HKD300 can help 5 kids for dental checkups. We hope that you can help these children by donation, give them have a chance to have dental checkups and treatments. Their dental health is in your hands!



Dental Care include the following:

  • Purchase basic dental cleaning products for the children, including toothpastes, toothbrushes

  • Bring children to visit the dentist regularly for dental checkups

  • Provide filling, scaling or other dental treatment for children in need


Metta Mission & Community Ministry
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Metta Mission & Community Ministry

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