Charity Sale - "The Level Playing Field" as Christmas Gift

Project by : InspiringHK Sports Foundation




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Launched: 27 Nov 2018

Funding ends: 31 Dec 2018

Still thinking what gifts to get for this Christmas? Why not support a great cause by ordering our inspirational publication "The Level Playing Field: No One is Privileged in Sports"?

Shoutout to local celebrity Elva Ni, IHKSports ambassador Alex Fong and Athlete Supporter Cecilia Yeung for signing a few copies of “The Level Playing Field: No One is Privileged in Sports” for us.

For every book sold, Friends of Asia Hong Kong would match the amount with reference to the proceeds generated by the book sale.

About "The Level Playing Field-No one is Privileged in Sports"
“Better youths, through sports” is the theme of this book. 11 stories about the transformation of our students through the free sports programmes offered in the past five years have been covered. These contents are filled with genuineness , emotion and passion and are all endorsed by various elite sportsmen. This book hopes to advocate the engagement into sports and sportsmanship among the youth grassroot community. We invite everyone of you who believes in the power of sports to step into the world of these children and together let’s create a “level playing field”

About InspiringHK Sports Foundation
InspiringHK Sports Foundation is a Hong Kong based charity, founded in 2012 to empower better youths through sports.
Our mission is to promote and facilitate equal access to sports training for youths - regardless of their economic background, gender, ethnicity, religion and disability, - so as to instill in them good sportsmanship to enhance their social mobility, as well as to promote gender equality, social inclusion and a healthy lifestyle. We carry out our missions through long-term sports training, learning experience activities and advocacy.
In 2018, over 600 underprivileged students engage in our weekly professional trainings in Golf, Dancing, Fencing, Hockey, Rope skipping, Running, Shuttlecock, Swimming, Tennis, Women’s Football, Taekwondo, Cricket, Korfball, Volleyball, Karate, Dodgebee, Trail Run and Teeball.