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All donor's name will appear in our performance.

Fundraising purpose 

In 2017, our team – SEVEN, a group of seven students from Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School participated in the Odyssey of the Mind for the first time. However, the result wasn't ideal. We got a negative score. 

In 2018, the same seven students participated in the Odyssey of the Mind again and got the 1st runner up in Problem 1 Division 3. All of us are thrilled that we were qualified to represent Hong Kong to take part in the world final in the USA and would get a chance to broaden our horizons and enhance our creativity and capabilities. 

Yet, participating in the world final requires a huge budget which we, students from grassroots families, can't afford.  We are here to seek supports from all of you who are generous and passionate about youth development to help us realize our dream, accomplish something extraordinary, and grab this rare learning opportunity. 

With your support, we will redesign the solution of the competition for the world final. We believe we can do better every time.  

SEVEN: Never Give Up. Nothing is impossible · Insistence

Failure is painful but not fatal.  We will not bow to reality. In 2018, we participated in the Odyssey of the Mind again. -- Never Give Up 

With adequate fund, we can seize all opportunities to realize our dreams in the United States. We believe that -- Nothing is impossible 

Break Down of the Expenses

The following list shows the breakdowm of the expenses that we need:

  1. $70 - A set of Hong Kong Odyssey of the Mind 2018 badges.
  2. $100 - The Hong Kong team T-shirt.
  3. $200 - The Hong Kong team jacket.
  4. $300 - One day study trip.
  5. $1400 - Costs for applying an American visa.
  6. $6000 - Accomodation costs in Chicago.
  7. $11600 - Flight ticket to compete in the world final.

The funds raised will be directly deposited into the account of Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School Parents' and Teachers' Association Limited (LSTWCM PTA).

Account number: 0040090126525

More About Us 

To learn more about SEVEN , please visit our Instagram and Facebook page below : 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/chanceforus.07/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/chanceforus.07/ 

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(approximately US$39*)

Support a member's costs of a one day study trip. As a token of thanks, you will receive a thank-you email from us.

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(approximately US$180*)

Support a member's costs for applying an America visa. As a token of thanks, you will receive a handmade souvenir that appeared in our performance with your name.

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(approximately US$770*)

Support a member's accommodation costs in Chicago. As a token of thanks, you will receive a thank you card, one Odyssey of the Mind 2018 badge and a handmade souvenir that appeared in our performance with your name.

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(approximately US$1,488*)

Support a member's flight ticket to compete in the world final. As a token of thanks, you will receive a autograph album,  a thank you letter, two Odyssey of the Mind 2018 badges and a handmade souvenir that appeared in our performance with your name.

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