Care-on-Call™ Service Charitable Programme

Project by : SCHSA 長者安居協會




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on 31 May 2020

Launched: 1 Mar 2020

Funding ends: 31 May 2020

SCHSA aims to provide local eligible elderly with 24-hour free personal caring service and emergency assistance through the Care-on-Call "Personal Emergency Link" Service for one year, in order to enhance safety and living quality of the elderly in the community through the use of technology, people-oriented services, and innovative methods.

We aim to meet the government's service gap by delivering care and support as well as enhancing the living standard of the deprived elderly who is living alone or with an elderly spouse. And we hope to enable the elderly to live a quality life of their own choice in the community.

Users can simply press a button to connect to our 24-hour Care-On-Call Service Centre, where a professional team is there to help, including emergency support and caring services.

Care-on-Call Service includes:

Emergency Assistance

  • 24–hour connection to SCHSA's Care-on-Call Service Centre, allowing timely support and assistance.
  • Facsimileing user's electronic patient record (Electronic Health Record Sharing System, eHRSS) to A&E Service of public hospitals.

Caring Assistance

  • Liaise with user's emergency contact person to report the latest status of the service user.
  • Community service or information and referral service.
  • Caring and appointment reminder service.
  • Short-term emotional counseling service provided by registered social worker.
  • Health care and diet tips provided by registered nurse.

Parts of the beneficiaries are referred by charitable institutions, and all cases are evaluated and assessed by our registered social workers.


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SCHSA 長者安居協會
Project by
SCHSA 長者安居協會

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