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About us

Compassion Revival is a non-profit humanitarian organisation founded in 2010 in Hong Kong. Our vision is to support underpriviledged children and families in body, mind, sociality and spirit, providing holistic care. Through our cooperation with local partners in Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia and South Asia, we develop tailor-made modules to change children's lives for the better.

Funding a Permanent Home for the Homeless Project

In Pakistan, a region burdened by human and natural disasters, children living in proverty are one of the most vulnerable groups. Many of them are engaged in the worst forms of child labour without schooling opportunity. They may even do not have sufficient food and a safe shelter. In order to help these children, Compassion Revival together with local partner in Lahore, Pakistan have set up a children home to provide shelters, meals, education as well as loving and holistic care to orphans and single-parent children in need. At the beginning of 2019, we were informed that the rental contract of the present house would be terminated this summer and the children have to move out to a new place. 

Finish the Building Project by Summer

The place they are now renting houses 15 children; if they do not find a new home before the start of the new academic year in September, they will be out on the streets. At the same time, the demand of this shelter is high, and many children are in need. Compassion Revival, together with three different organisations, would like to complete a Permanent Home for the Homeless Project as soon as possible, to ensure the children will have a place to live before starting school. This means that we need to raise about HK$400,000 via crowdfunding within two months. We have already got the permission from the local government to build on a land of 2,000 sq. ft., and the short-term target is to use the funding to build the ground floor and the basement; whilst in long-term addition works could be done to make it a three-story house with greater serving capacity.  The total land and construction cost is about HK$1,200,000. If it is estimated that it will serve a maximun of 30 children for 20 years, then each HK$2,000 will provide a year safe shelter for a homeless child in Pakistan. In fact, once the permanent home is ready, the rent they are now paying could be saved for serving more children in need.

The Goal Amount and the Use

Compassion Revival urgently needs to raise HK$400,000 to build the permanent children home in Lahore, Pakistan. This amount would be contributed to one-third of the whole budget. If we could raise the amount of money by September, the construction work could be done on time and the children could move in the new house before the start of the school year. 

If the amount raised is above the goal of HK$400,000, the rest will be used for the project helping the poor children in South Asia.

The Schedule

As our Pakistani partner is all working on the preparation work, we will be all set to, once we receive the funds. Therefore, we need to raise and remit the money by mid September so that the construction work could be completed on schedule. We deeply believe that God loves the poor children in Pakistan and every single donor. When we work together with love, He will make amazing things happen. All we have to do is try your best to share this need to all your friends and people you know, then let the good people join the project and bless the children there.

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In order to show our appreciation to all supporters, the children of the Home for the Homeless in Lahore will make their own postcards with their greetings as rewards.

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In order to show our appreciation to all supporters, the children of the Home for the Homeless in Lahore will make their own postcards with their greetings sent from Pakistan to our supporters. You can choose to receive this reward or forward to friends and letting others to care about the Pakistani children in need.

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