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Launched: 8 Mar 2019

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"Beyond Sight: Before the Apocalypse" 

    An interactive experiential event

        Hong Kong’s first large-scale event on

            Sustainable Development Goals

As a startup social enterprise that focuses on sustainable development, Dreams Lab is curating and organizing an interactive experiential activity "Beyond Sight" with its aim at promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDS 2030) set by the United Nations through creativities.

In the face of climate change and man-made disasters, have you ever thought about the sights of the last days? "Beyond Sight: Before the Apocalypse", Dreams Lab's brand new 4D interactive experiential event, sets in a pre-apocalyptic world. Participants will challenge the six experience zones in the impact of different sensory systems to complete the final mission!

We hope that after the event, participants will be able to reflect on the messages behind the experience and take the first step in the world's dream action.

In each zone, you need to complete the experience and a specific task before moving on to the next area.

About 「Beyond Sight 2019」

If the doomsday comes, what do you think the world will be like?  In each zone, participants need to complete the experience and assigned tasks before they can enter the next zone.

Zone 1: The Doomsday's Coming     

The Doomsday is coming. There is nothing left but darkness and how will man survive in this total voidness? Awaken your potential senses, and disclose the murderer of the world.

Zone 2: The Revelation of Nature      

There is no beauty under the sea any more; the land attacks and is taking away the source of our lives. Solve the mysteries and protect the planet from these disasters.

Zone 3: Hopes without Poverty 

Poverty is no sin, but it causes sufferings as if it is. In this parallel world, track down and crack the key of the vicious circle of poverty!

Zone 4: The School of World             

The World has collapsed and morals' fallen. Where can we find hope and the dawn of the new era?

Zone 5: To Know and to Act               

Each SDGs stand on their own but are interconnected. A complicated relationship map is waiting for you to unveil!

Zone 6: The Joy of Our United Heats and Spirits             

Let's improvise and form an ensemble. Show us your uniqueness and orchestrates the final movement of this piece of music!

About the organizer Dreams Lab

Dreams Lab aims to provide organizations with sustainable development programs and reports, and hopes to establish a communication platform with diverse groups to promote innovative ideas and shared value.

Dreams Lab concept and planning

"Beyond Sight" conceived the six experience centres wittily combined the concept of SDG  (the global sustainable development goal issued by the United Nations) and its 17 goals to offer participants the most of “learning through play”.

"Beyond Sight", as its name implies, means that some activities will be carried out in the dark. Participants need to complete tasks relying on senses other than vision and from this experience, they will be encouraged to reflect on the meanings behind the experience, thus be the pioneer in taking the first step in promoting sustainable development.

"Beyond Sight" will in the future, becoming to make the experience event an annual event in Hong Kong and bring the event from Hong Kong to mainland China and other Asian regions. In addition, training programs will be introduced to provide experience and practical opportunities for young people who are interested in promoting the concept of sustainable development goals.

After deduction from the production costs and students participation fee, the rest would be reserved for the next "Beyond Sight" event. The event is aimed to be an annual event.

Event Date 1: 6th- 7th May, 2019 (Monday and Tuesday)

Venue: 3/F, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Event day 2: Period between October to November in 2019, for 5 days

Venue: To be Confirm

Support Hong Kong’s first large-scale experiential event.

Crowdfunding allows everyone to witness this innovative experience

Fundraising amount: $150,000

Includes some of the following budgetary expenses (HKD)

                                          Budget expenditure

Event program、Event management, music production, market program、IT program、SDG Editor、Graphic Design.

Venue rental, Event production, Setting, Display, Printing, Miscellaneous.

Public insurance,Temporary storage warehouse rent,Logistics, Transportation, Staff meals, other expenses.

                                              HKD: $150,000

If the crowdfunding is successful, the event will be held as scheduled.

With your support, this event is going to dreams come true, and unveil the unexperienced experience!

*Zone title sponsors will be presented with sponsor name designated for each zone, for example "Sarah Ng - Hopes without Poverty" or "Marine Society - Hopes without Poverty". 

Any inquiries, please contact Ms Chu Tel: 94032216