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Launched: 17 Mar 2020

Funding ends: 31 Aug 2020

Final preparation

Update on 14 Aug 2020

Next Friday, I will flight to UK to prepare the challenge. Swim will be on 26 August - 1 September 2020.

[Road to English Channel] There are many reasons not to do a task. But you only need one reason to do a task. My only reason is "I want to". Based on the pure passion, I just give justification to myself with two "reasons". "Reason 1": I want to demonstrate that Hongkongers can achieve what we have been fighting for. We dare to risk our life to dream big. "Reason 2": Two years ago, my great dude Kamil and I, in a trip to support coach man Rostislav Vitek's 2 way English Channel, decided to found Born To Swim International Limited in Hong Kong. Sadly, Kamil passed away in April 2020. I decided to hit to the Channel with coach man. I will be able to feel Kamil's spirit.

Sports, to me, is a mixture of art, emotion and science together. With only scientific facts, you can't get through challenges. You need belief and courage to be successful.

Picture: Balance my scapula at home with my newly installed TRX system on balcony. from @anna.k.l.c

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Swimming date and training

Update on 28 Jul 2020

The English Channel crossing swim is now confirmed to be on 26 August - 1 September 2020. ????Luckily, water/air temperature will be a bit warmer and with 2 hour more sunlight time. Last week, I finished a 6-day swimming training camp by Rostislav Vitek and plus 2-day weekend races of 3km, 5km and 10km under strong wind and wave in Lipno, Czech Republic. Finalizing the physical condition.

Be flexible in training - Be water

Update on 8 Jun 2020

  1. Make the training flexible and personal. Be water. Adapt to the situation we have. In the previous 2.5 months, swimming pools were not opened. I treated Brno Reservoir as a big swimming pool. The advantage is that water is colder than swimming pools. I started from 12 degree Celsius water until now 19 degree Celsius water over 2 months. It simulates the condition of English Channel a bit although the Reservoir is with fresh water instead of salt water.
  2. Two months training has passed. Four more months to go before the Channel challenge. General strategy is to listen to my body. Recovery is an important part of training. I should avoid injury. After 2 months, the training will go to the peak with higher swimming amount.
  3. Current training scheme is 6 days per week including 5 sessions of swimming and 1 session of TRX core training. There is always one hard training at weekend such as 4 hours in 13-degree water. Three trainings on weekdays are easy such as 1 hour in 17 degree water. Of course, all training are without wetsuit.
  4. “There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work… there are no limits.” - Michael Phelps

Photo from Wikimedia

6 Hour Swim for English Channel Qualification

Update on 14 May 2020

  1. Attach the video is from last Saturday when I successfully swam 6 hours continuously with short breaks in 16.0 degree Celsius water in Brno, Czech Republic. I am now qualified for English Channel. Next step will be a professional medical check-up including cardiovascular function by a sports doctor next Friday.
  2. After isolation at home for 28 days, I have been training for the 5th week in cold water in lake. Distance amount has been increased.
  3. This crowdfunding is extended to 31-August-2020.

Updates on 23-April-2020

Update on 23 Apr 2020


  1. Period on 6-14 October 2020 has been reserved with Pilot Stuart Gleeson. Deposit payment of £1000 has been paid. The exact date will be known upon arrival depending on the water condition.
  2. Training camp in Ireland in the end of May 2020 was cancelled due to Wuhan virus. Budget is decreased down by HKD$10,000. The qualification of 6 hour swim in 16 or below degree water will be carried out in Prague, Czech Republic.
  3. Lowered down the fundraising goal as HKD$30,000 on Fringebacker. If successful, admin fee from Fringebacker will be HKD$2700 instead of HKD$9000. Budget can be saved.
  4. Based on above, budget has been readjusted from HKD$100,000 into HKD$75,000.
  5. Outside this crowdfunding of HKD$30,000, more sponsors are being searched at the moment to cover the rest HKD$45,000.
  6. Extended this crowdfunding project live for one more month, until 11 May 2020.