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News about me: https://makchunkong.com/news/

My swim profile: https://makchunkong.com/swim-profile/

From nearly got drown to the first in the world, I never stop.

I was called MAK Chun Kong, born in 80s, raised in Hong Kong, lived in Tin Shui Wai district. When I was 7 years old, I haven't learned swimming yet. I nearly got drown in a river. Afterwards, wishing to overcome the fear, I started to learn swimming formally. From secondary school Pok Oi Hospital Tang Pui King Memorial College to the Chinese University of Hong Kong graduation, I have represented in swimming teams all time. Later, I have obtained my master degree in Hong Kong and moved to Germany to finish my doctoral study in Chemistry. After PhD graduation, I came to Czech Republic to work and started to swim in ice water.

According to International Ice Swimming Association (IISA)'s regulation, ice swimming means swimming in under 5.0 °C water without any warm-keeping wears. In the past 3 years, I have been receiving ice swimming and ultramarathon swimming training in Europe. My coach is Rostislav Vitek who is currently the 5th fastest swimmer cross the English Channel all time and coach for National Open Water Swimming team in Slovakia.

Gone through the 3 years of extreme swimming, I competed more than 100 events including 3km, 5km, 10km, 20km and tens of ice 1km swimming, two times ice mile (1609m) etc. The first ice mile was done in 3.5°C water with time 31 minute 24 second. I became the 311th ice mile finisher and the first Hongkonger, which qualified myself as a IISA ice member and the only ice member from Hong Kong. At the same time, I am the 1km ice swimming Hong Kong national record holder.

In 2019, with three good Czech swimmers (namely Zdenek Slama, Ondrej Smisitel and Kamil Cepelak), in form of relay, we swam across the total length of 36km of Loch Ness in Scotland. Legend said monster existed there. The average water temperature was 13°C. Our swim time was 11 hour 38 minute which smashed the 4-people relay world record. In February-2020, I have completed an ice mile swimming in butterfly stroke, timed 43 minute 3 second and became the first man in the world to complete this challenge.

From ice swimming to ultramarathon swimming, I have no fear.

Upon completion of ice mile in butterfly this February, my body is ready to swim across English Channel.

In 2020, I hope to combine both my ice swimming and ultramarathon swimming abilities and challenge solo swim from Dover, England to Calais, France. Estimated water is 15-18°C. Straight-line distance is 32km. However, the actual swimming distance can be 40-45km due to current and tide. I aim to finish it under 14 hours. In order to swim in full sunlight time, I will start from the dark morning and end in the evening. This journey can be tough while meeting thousands of jellyfishes in the Channel, risking injuries. To comply to the Channel Swimming Association (CSA)'s regulation, no wetsuit or warm-keeping wear will be used. In the 145-year history of CSA, there has been no Hongkonger who completed this journey. If I will attempt successfully, I will be the first Hongkonger in the history.

Physical condition is no longer an issue. I can foresee a success. All I need now is budget.

Higher aim:

From Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long Swimming Pool to English Channel, I never forget.

I never forget that I learned swimming to overcome my fear. Through extreme swimming challenge, I wish to show to the world that Hongkongers never back down because of fear. We go harder when the situation becomes tougher.

I believe in Hongkongers' core values. We don't back down and transform into stronger, neglecting where we live geographically. This challenge is no longer the 50m in Yuen Long Swimming Pool. It is more than 40,000m in the powerful nature. I believe we should never forget our original intention and keep in faith. To stand out the Hongkongers' core values, I fulfill the responsibility as a Hongkonger and shine our potential in the international world.

I am not a swimming star in Hong Kong. I am only a swimmer who believe in my own passion and hope to be the first made-in-Hong-Kong swimmer who don't need any warm-keeping wear to swim across English Channel. There is a fear when attempting to cross 40 km in ocean but I will never give up. I want to prove that by believing in ourselves, hardworking and persistence, every Hongkonger can achieve our big goals. Still believe in Bruce Lee's Jet Kune Do's "using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation" and "be water" philosophy.

My first name is Chun Kong. I believe my name means to make a big impact in big water. My impact can be to inspire others by swimming challenges. Now, I no longer have fear in open water. I truly believe that I am no longer the kid who nearly got drown and I believe I can decide my own destiny and swim across the Channel.

When I am still in good physical condition now, I want to bring a miracle in the Hong Kong sports history, which metaphors that Hongkongers shouldn't forget our original intention and should embrace the fear and walk through all challenges.


Date: 1-8 October 2020

Route: from Dover, England to Calais, France

Length of swim route: approximately 33km

Actual swimming distance due to tide: approximately 40-45km

Estimated water temperature: 15-18°C

Estimated swim time: Under 14 hours

Thousands of jellyfishes are waiting for me.


From March to September in 2020, I plan to participant in tens of 5-20km long distance swimming races. The daily average swimming distance will be 5km including 25km weekend race. I will participate in the HITtheWALL training camp in Ireland at the end of May. In the camp, I will attempt to swim 8 hours in a row in the cold Irish sea. The water temperature is estimated to be 10-14°C.

Rewards for You:

Currently, I haven’t got a layout of products yet due to a rush time-frame. Please write me your email address, contact details and phone number. Later, I will design swimming cap, fast-dry towel and swimsuit with recycled textile. I can write you when all my products will be settled like last time in Loch Ness crowdfunding. :) But I can’t promise what exact products I will be able to make yet.

How we use our raised funds:

The raised funds will be used for us to cover: 

HKD$35000 - the cost of the piloting service

HKD$35000 - Estimated cost of the food, transportation and accommodation for the whole supporting crew for one week in Dover. They will need to feed me drink and food every 15 minute during the swim and provide me information. They will be on boat around 20 hours on sea-sickness pills. Their work might be tougher than my actual swim.

HKD$10,000 - receive channel swimming training in a training camp named HITtheWALL in Ireland in May to qualify the English Channel crossing. 

HKD$9000 - With this crowdfunding of HKD$100,000, Fringebacker will charge 9% for online transaction fee and their admin/process charge i.e. HKD$9000.

Any excess budget will go for rewards, gifts production to backers and supporters. Potentially, I will promote and produce swimsuits with recycled textile which are made by 53% of ocean waste. They could be one of the rewards for you.

Mak Chun Kong
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Currently, I haven’t got a layout of products yet due to a rush time-frame. Please write me your email address, contact details and phone number. Later, I will design swimming cap, fast-dry towel and swimsuit with recycled textile. I can write you when all my products will be settled like last time in Loch Ness crowdfunding. :) But I can’t promise what exact products I will be able to make yet.

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