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Launched: 1 Nov 2017

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Refer to the 2017 report of "Alliance for Children Development Rights", there are 47% low living standard children can't participate any after school activities because of economic reasons. Parents may have negative emotion about social development and academic path of their kids. The family relationship will also be affected.




Basketball is a popular sport in Hong Kong. You can see young people playing basketball in schools, estates and street courts. Basketball training can let players learn teamwork, build friendship and increase self confidence.


Basketball Sport Ministry is a christian non profit organization to promote basketball, recreation, and gospel to youths in Hong Kong. Recently, we focus more on low-income living standard people and minority races. In these few years, we have served lower income families and minority groups from  6-7 schools and organizations.


We would like to provide free basketball trainings to more people in need in the upcoming year, so they will have equal opportunity to play and to learn positive life values  through the training .


This fund raising is to get funding for the youths in low income families to join different basketball and recreation activities. The fund raising program will start at Nov 1. 12/11 and 3/12 are the activities include in the fund raising.


Date: 12th November, 2017 & 3rd December, 2017

Time: 2:00pm-6:00pm

Place: Kai Tak East Playground (30 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon)

Activities: Personal and team shooting, basketball challenge stations, family challenges, board game & basketball crossover, recreation basketball.


This year, all participants will shoot in 10000 shots; each shoots you made will be a big support to the low-income family. Hope you can work with us and share love and blessings to more people.


Wish you can participate in our activity to help :
$50 = give one youth to have a basketball or join one training session 
$300 = one student to join 4 trainings.
$600 = one training for one class 
$3000= one training for one class and one basketball for each person 
$10000= 15 sessions of training for one class and everyone will have a basketball


For more information, please search http://www.basketfundraising.wordpress.com/. Any inquiry, please call 27350915 (Miss Chan).

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(approximately US$65*)

A basketball sport ministry plastic bracelet written "we are in God's team", wish we can share our blessings to our community.

Plastic bracelet will be sent by post to donator on 1st February 2018.

International delivery +HK$50
Estimated Delivery: Feb 2018
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