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In order to provide support and assistance to members of the Hong Kong Police Force who were on active duty during the Occupy Central protests in Hong Kong in 2014-2015, and to members of their families and their dependents in their financial and family welfare needs, we have set up a fund for donations to give them aid and relief. 

We are individuals offering our services voluntarily in raising this fund for these officers and family members in distress. We shall also bear the daily administrative cost of its operation. None of us can take any benefit from this fund raising exercise. There will be an independent audit report on the account and distribution of the Fund, and all of the remaining balance will be transferred to the Hong Kong Police Welfare Trust, the Police Children’s Education Trust and the Police Education & Welfare Trust.

We welcome your participation and your support will be much appreciated.

The Board of Directors of APO Relief Fund Limited

TAN Henry (Chairman)
KAM Pok Man
LEONG Che Hung
MA Ho Fai
TAM Wai Chu Maria

Please note: Your donation is not tax deductible.

Enquiry Number: 852- 28943516
Fax: 852-25043308
Email: [email protected]