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Acid attack survivor Judith Akokomebe

Judith Akokmebe, a 19-year old Nigerian student, was walking to church, in June 2017, when acid was viciously thrown at her. The highly corrosive chemical substance caused immense, searing pain as it melted the skin on her face, chest and arms, causing third degree burns. Judith’s left eye has been severely damaged and she is close to becoming blind. Her left ear has been melted away. Her physical scars are raw and extensive. She knows that her road to recovery is a long, arduous one but Judith remains positive. She has taken the step to forgive her perpetrator, only wanting to finish her studies so as to fulfill her dream of becoming a pharmacist.

Judith's medical bills are very high, and without the help of your generous donations, she will not receive the medical attention that is urgently required. The first round of her medical procedure, which includes reconstructive surgery for an artificial left ear amounts to USD 14,000.

Judith and her family expresses their heartfelt gratitude for your generosity!


About the Organisation:
Back to Job’s main goal is to help acid attack survivors resume a normal life by creating opportunities for employment and education. Made possible through online volunteering support from United Nations Volunteers and Morobe Development Foundation Inc., we are a team of volunteers driven to create a brighter future for acid attack survivors globally. 


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