A Cup of Cold Water for the Little Ones

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on 31 August 2018

Launched: 22 Jul 2018

Funding ends: 31 Aug 2018

About Us

Compassion Revival is a non-profit humanitarian organisation founded in 2010 in Hong Kong. Our vision is to support underprivileged children and families in body, mind, sociality and spirit, providing holistic care. Through our cooperation with local partners in Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia and Southern Asia, we develop tailor-made modules to change children's lives for the better.   


Ceramic filters to refugee camp in Bangladesh

This summer, Compassion Revival is proposing a project to give out ceramic water filters to a refugee camp. As the international community is aware, there are camps located by the border of Myanmar, in Southeastern Bangladesh, where 1.2 million of Rohingya refugees live. Pastor Ayub, the Reverend of the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh (PCB), together with his church are serving one of the camps. The hygiene of the camp is concerning, not least because of the lack of clean drinking water, which leads to the spread of diseases, puts refugees' lives at risk. The camp is an internment camp, and therefore the problem itself will never be solved without external aids. Given that Bangladesh itself is an underdeveloped country, where government resource is limited, supporting the work of PCB therefore becomes our main means to alleviate the problem.


In order to achieve this, we urgently need to crowdfund the cost of sending 660 ceramic water filters to the refugee camp. This kind of portable filters are suitable for the poor conditions in the camp: it will filter out most of the impurities and bacteria in water, and will provide clean drinking water for a family's daily consumption. The cost of giving out one of the ceramic filters will be around HK$780 (US$100), which will serve the needs of a six-member household for five years. This means that with only HK$26 (US$3.3), a Rohingya refugee will have access to clean drinking water all year round. The project itself will benefit 4,000 refugees.



On top of that, based on our vision to provide holistic care, the Roy To Memorial Fund of Compassion Revival together with other partners will make good use of the remaining fund and provide clean water to children in Southern Asia.        


The Goal Amount and the Use

Ten years ago, the young and passionate volunteer Mr. Roy To died in a car accident during his work with us in Inner Mongolia; the Roy To Memorial Fund was set up in memorial to Roy and his wish to "give a cup of cold water to the little ones" in need. In order to kick off the project of providing clean drinking water to refugees, our goal is to raise HK$100,000. The Roy To Memorial Fund and our three partners are together fundraising for this project, so that the ceramic filters will be distributed to the refugee families through the work of Pastor Ayub and the PCB.


If the amount raised is above the goal of HK$100,000, the rest will be used for the project for providing clean drinking water to children in Southern Asia.


The Schedule

As our partners are all working on the preparation work and the logistics, we will be all set to, once we receive the funds. Therefore, we need to raise the money needed from 22 July to 31 August 2018 through crowdfunding. This kind of practice is a new to the team, and so we are anxious but also excited. We deeply believe that God loves the Rohingya refugees and every single donor. When we work together with love, He will make amazing things happen. We believe that by His mercies the 660 water filters will be sent to Bangladesh by the end of August - and so we act.


Compassion Revival needs every single volunteer and donor who has helped us in the past to be the promoter of this crowdfunding project. We have scheduled 24 July as the Opening Ceremony, when around 20 of our core volunteers will be backing the project, raising at least HK$30,000. The remaining HK$70,000 will need to be raised via crowdfunding in the following days in order to reach the goal of HK$100,000. The water filters will then be sent out by the end of August and distributed at the camp, and the joyful news will be presented to the donors then.

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A handmade leather souvenir with the image of the ceramic water filter.

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A handmade leather souvenir with the image of the ceramic water filter.

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A handmade leather souvenir with the image of the ceramic water filter.

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