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Apple Daily on Jul 31, 2015

Update on 31 Jul 2015

Check out today's Apple Daily article on how 香港定慧寺 Hong Kong Ting Wai Monastery is crowdfunding on FringeBacker to preserve its historical heritage.



Continuous funding for the renovation and rebuilding of Ting Wai Monastery

Update on 22 Jul 2015

With the efforts of many generous donors during our Phase 1 fundraising, it has helped us secure a team of consultants including a chartered surveyor, an engineer and other professions, to provide an evaluation on the initial stage of the monastery’s renovation.

In order to ensure that the renovation and rebuilding of the monastery can be executed, we would need to have sufficient funding for the actual work to be done. Our Phase 2 funding goal will be HK$5 million.

In the video, chartered surveyor Mr Poon Kin On and architect Mr Wing Y.W. Mang from Wellrich Building Consultant Holdings Limited will give an initial evaluation on the renovation work.

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Update on 10 Jul 2015

Fantastic news! Our fundraising for Ting Wai Monastery's Phase One succeeded in just 10 days, 3 months ahead of schedule!

In order to apply for various government authorizations, demolish illegal structures, renovation and rebuilding of the monastery, the HK$500,000 donated for Phase One shall be used to secure a professional consultant company, along with tenders for engineers, surveyors, specialist designers, lawyers and architects.

We have appointed Townland Consultants Limited who has extensive experience with monastery preservation as our independent consultant. They will arrange for relevant parties to form an integrated team for our project.

The draft blueprint for the repair and reconstruction of Ting Wai monastery will be expected to be ready in a few months. Once the scope of work and estimated fees is finalized we will start the bidding process for a contractor and will update the public immediately.

Thanks to the joint effort with the public, our fundraising has moved on to Phase Two. Let's continue our fundraising efforts! All funds beyond the initial half million will be used for repair and renovation work. On behalf of Ting Wai monastery, we hereby thank you for your support!

Ting Wai Monastery Guided Tour by Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Ching Ching)

Update on 6 Jul 2015

Dear Backers,

FringeBacker-funding Ting Wai Monastery will be hosting a public tour guided by Yung Ching Ching

Sunday, July 12 at 2:00pm
All interested parties are welcome to join

Please sign up at https://www.facebook.com/events/1602135370038179/

Best Regards,
Ting Wai Monastery


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