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on 30 April 2017

Today (1 March) marks the 1st anniversary of FactWire. To date we’ve published more than 20 influential investigative reports. The hard-hitting probes have covered a wide range of major public concerns from nuclear power station safety, safety of new MTR trains and Legco election voting procedures, to occupation of government land by retired senior civil servants and wealthy businessmen, bid-rigging over building renovation projects and issues with the new air traffic control system.

Since our launch, we have received unprecedented warnings and experienced nuisances at our door, but we are still not in a position to rent a satisfactorily safe office. Our journalists face security risks day in, day out because of the sensitive news stories they endeavour to expose. On the occasion of FactWire’s 1st anniversary, we hope to once again call on the collective power of you all and raise an adequate sum of money for what is fundamentally a news organisation funded by the Hong Kong public. With enough money, we can rent a satisfactorily safe office, which will put our journalists at relative ease so they can fully focus on their work. Likewise, we’ll be able to better protect the news information that we gather.

The FactWire investigation team does not merely report the news. Rather, it makes it by exposing issues of major public interest. Naturally, our investigations involve huge volumes of fact-checking work to ensure that we’re dealing with the most accurate first-hand information. If we manage to exceed the crowd-funding target this time, we will set aside any surplus to our budget for investigative work which includes, for instance, searches for government documents and company records. 

FactWire News Team
1 March 2017  

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