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Hao Staff piano notation was launched as a not-for-profit activity by Jeff Hao – a business executive of over 20 years in the oil industry – in 2007 and has helped over 1,000 people with no music background realise their dream of playing the piano. This has been made possible through its unique notation system, as demonstrated in the video below:

'Hao Staff scores are available to download for free at www.haostaff.com. They are also available via Mobile Apps (HS Piano) for Apple, Android and Windows mobile systems.


This crowdfunding campaign is set up to fund the further growth of the Hao Staff piano sheet music library, which already has over 100 pieces of various difficulties and genres that are all free to download by the public. The money generated from this campaign will be used to train and partially compensate the volunteers who will be spending over 30 hours of specialised work to produce the new Hao Staff piano sheets.

Further to several requests from Hao Staff users, and with your help, the following pieces will be notated:

1. 'Annie's Wonderland' by Bandari
    Requested by Jenny

2. 'Ballade No. 4 Part 1' by Frédéric Chopin
    Requested by Hamza

3. 'Impromptu Op. 142 No. 2' by Franz Schubert
    Requested by Indria

4. 'Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K331, Andante' by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Requested by Indria


"I knew nothing about music when I was in high school. It remains the case now, by and large. But what is different now is that I don't think music is 'beyond me' any more. I think, perhaps the purpose of Hao Staff is exactly to expel the myths of music brought about by the Grand Staff, making it accessible by all."
-Alice Huang, Hao Staff user

"I would be very proud if I can play the Schubert Impromptu and Mozart Sonata Andante. My teacher will be astonished by me."
-Indria, new score requestor

(Note: Indria is a scientist in the USA with Ph.Ds in Nutritional Biochemistry and Genetic Toxicology. She now aspires to learn how to play the piano whilst managing her dyslexia. In order to aid Indria, enlarged versions of Hao Staff’s scores will be made for her to trial. She hopes to “amaze the world and be an inspiration and motivator to others".)


All Hao Staff sheet music is made with copyright clearance. Most classical pieces are in public domain. For those that are not, we contact the composer, arranger, publisher, etc., for permission to republish. More information about the process of notating a piece and uploading it on to Hao Staff can be found here.

Jeff Hao
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Jeff Hao


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  • Acknowledgement on the Hao Staff website as well as in the new scores in recognition of your support and a thank you email

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  • In addition to acknowledgement on the website and new scores, receive personalised copies of the new scores (sent as a soft and/ or hard copy)

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(approximately US$129*)

  • Acknowledgement on website and new scores, receive personalised copies of the new scores and signed copies of ‘My Piano Dream’ Books 1-4 by Mr. Jeff Hao, with a personal thank you note from him. The books include pieces ranging from Mozart and Beethoven through to Scott Joplin and Eric Clapton.

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