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on 30 November 2015

Launched: 19 Oct 2015

Funding ends: 30 Nov 2015

The Hong Kong Pride Parade -- A Courageous step towards Equality in Hong Kong


Do you want Hong Kong to become an inclusive and fair place? 2015 is a remarkable time for LGBT equality around the globe, yet in Hong Kong, LGBT rights has stopped. Despite fighting for the enactment of Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance for over 20 years, there is still no sign of legislative action in Hong Kong. A study performed in 2012 by The University of Hong Kong showed that over 60% of the surveyed population safeguard the rights of people of different sexual orientation against discrimination, but the motion on “Equal Rights for People of Different Sexual Orientations” to urge the government to conduct public consultation on this matter was rejected under the split voting system by the members of the functional constituencies. Over 80 countries and territories all over the world have enacted lawas to protect the LGBT community from discrimination, including Taiwan, Macao, the Philippines, Nepal, etc. Yet the self-proclaimed international metropolis, Hong Kong, is no better than a Third World country in terms of providing rights for sexual minorities.

Everyone is responsible for creating a society built on equality. The Hong Kong Pride Parade aims to attract more people to stand up for freedom and equality. Waving the colourful rainbow flag in Hong Kong shows the diverse and harmonious side of our city. It also serves to push the society at large to set up more inclusive policies.

Hong Kong Pride Parade needs your support. We hope that everyone will not only join the parade on 7 November, but also donate to fund our organisation.