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on 27 June 2015

Launched: 28 Apr 2015

Funding ends: 27 Jun 2015

We are fundraising for the Nepal Earthquake Emergency Relief.

A mega earthquake measuring Richter scale magnitude 7.9 struck Nepal with epicenter in Lamjung District (north-west of Kathmandu; south of China border) on 25th April 2015. Thousands of lives have been lost leaving the rest homeless.  All the funds raised will go to the charity SUNSHINE ACTION who is taking immediate action to provide emergency support to people in the affected areas. 100% of the funds will turn into food, water, blankets, shelters, medicines and other necessities to the victims.

You will be invited to our charity concert on 1st May 2015 at Artouch if you donate HKD200 or more and transaction is completed by 30th April. This fundraising campaign will open till 26th June 2015. Please support today!


About Artouch

Artouch is a non-funded art space which was founded in June 2014 by artist Sze.C. The space has been utilized for a variety of cultural and art related events. Even though it has been set up for less than a year, over 20 music events, several art exhibitions & culture events like film evenings , handcraft evening , tango dance lesson, yoga gathering etc. have been organized in the light to provide a new source of cultural entertainment and enrichment to the local community. Artouch also cooperates with local NGOs to help raise money and bring awareness through different events. In Dec 2014, a successful charity music event was held in Artouch and HK$13.5K was raised to local NGO Sunshine Action. http://sunshine-action.org/

Website: http://artouchk.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artouchhk?fref=ts

Past events and video: http://artouchk.com/event/  


About artist and founder of Artouch - Sze.C

Born and raised in HK, Sze.C is well known throughout Hong Kong and the world for her original and inspiring visual artwork across various media – not least, on skin! Sze.C is no stranger to the media, with publications as diverse as Greek Vogue fashion magazine covering Sze.C as the only Hong Kong artist selected and presented at Bienanale of Santorini , Greece 2012 and Time Out covering Sze.C’s exhibitions and work.



Since its foundation in 1 JAN 2008, SUNSHIINE ACTION has contributed food supplies and provided services to 304 organizations in Hong Kong and around the world including Nepal, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos and the rest of South Asia. By providing rice, packed food, stationeries, medicines, daily products and toiletries, we have helped 95,313 low income families and some 164,724 people directly including those with urgent needs. Their medical service has reached out to a few thousands of patients and successfully completed operations for 33 patients with congenital heart disease.

Our visit of Nepal in 2014:



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