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CSI2* Sheerwood Win

Update on 22 Sep 2015

Dear Backers,


It has been a quite since you’ve heard from me, I just want to keep you updated on my latest win. My last show in China was the Chinese national games in 2013 where I won the individual silver medal, so it was nice to come back and leave such an impression after a two year absence. The reason I haven't engaged myself in the growing competition circuit is that I still spend all of my time in Europe. I'm very involved in the maintenance and training of my competition horses so I only leave them if I really need to! It is always risky to ride a competition on a horse you've never ridden before, and it is not always, but this time it was definitely worth it!


Though I was presumably the underdog having 4 days to learn my horse, training in Europe gave me an advantage over my competitors. At my base in Denmark, Viegaard Stutteri of my trainer John Byrialsen, I ride for 8 hours daily, training and competing on many different horses at different levels, this has helped me gain experience to evaluate a horse's strength and weakness, make it work out in a short time. 


I actually own a horse out of the same father as Qarea V, who was bred by john, so I pretty much knew what I was doing from the start. Qarea is not experienced but is brave and has scope. On the first day's speed class we had the first pole incurring 4 faults. Still I used the round to test my turns to prepare for the Grand Prix. I couldn't be happier with how it ended, the horse was very handy especially when you asked him to work, and tried his best.


China's competition development is uphill. CSI2* Shunyi was organized and presented on par to European shows. China also has riders with a lot of potential, but I feel their growth is still hampered by the lack of international exposure.


I'm looking forward to ride at the Hong Kong Masters in February next year. It's been my goal to take part since it started three years ago. Therefore I will be in Europe training my three mounts Capone, James Brown and Basta to compete at the Masters and meet my home crowd for the first time, and leave them impressed!



More exciting news on Jacqueline's win at the National Games

Update on 27 Sep 2013

More exciting news on Jacqueline's win at the National Games:


Winning a Silver Medal at China's 12th National Games!!

Update on 9 Sep 2013

Capone Placed 5th in Redefin, Germany CSI2* - 1.50m show, a great start to the outdoor season

Update on 15 May 2013

Hi Everyone,


Thank's for visiting for my update. The weekend before last we were on tour to Redefin, Germany with a group of the horses. It was a 2* show but the level in Germany is a whole other standard! Perhaps it has to do with the sport being so deep rooted in the nation, therefore the competition is tough even with just the national riders.
It was day three on Sunday and although the show had been filled with good rounds with our horses, the times just didn't beat for any placings. The second last class of the competition was the 1m50 Grand Prix, Capone was in top form and just ready to kill! With many clears in the first round with some of the world's top riders included, I didn't see myself in the placings. However, knowing this was my one shot in the running with German olympic rider Janne Frederike Meyer and Swedish Olympic silver medallist Rolf Goran Bengtsson, I thought - it's all or nothing! Capone felt my gut and with a speedy clear in the jump off we ended on fifth.

Basta made his 1m45 debut in the youngster-tour with one time fault, Goldorac placed 10th in the 1m40 final as the last class. This is a good kick off to the outdoor season, we're keeping at it. Next week we are in CSIO3* Copenhagen.

Have a great week, Jacqueline

Capone in 5th place Redefin, Germany’s 2* show



Extension of fundraising project for 60 days upon popular demand.

Update on 8 Apr 2013

Dear all,

On March 27th the deadline of my Fringebacker campaign, my project exceeded my goal reaching 122% and raising HK$366,700 (US$47,316). I am overwhelmed by all the support and encouragement that keeps coming my way, thank you all very much.

Even now requests are still coming to me and to Fringebacker on how my project can still be funded, in view of this Fringebacker has been kind enough to approve my request for an extension so that everyone can have more time to support my journey of representing Hong Kong in International Equestrian Showjumping.

My fundraising project is therefore extended for another sixty days, it will end on June 7th 2013. Rewards for all backers will be delivered as originally stated.

The weather is finally warming up here in Denmark, horses are wearing less winter blankets and we are busy with giving them all haircuts so they are in their fresh, shiny show-skin for outdoor season, which starts at the end of the month! Preparations for the Chinese National Games are coming together for team Hong Kong and the main team will be decided at the end of the month.

Goldorac and I will be jumping some 1m40 classes in two weeks to trial for the HK team. Since outdoor competition season does not start until the end of April in Denmark, I don't have much opportunity to prepare outdoor before the competition. However we'll work to keep our good rhythm from Saturday's 1m25 training show where Goldorac had a fast clear round.

Thanks all, and stay tuned!


More good news: Capone competes in Herning, Denmark and my project is 100% funded!

Update on 13 Mar 2013

Hi again! 

Last weekend Capone had a touch one fence to the finish in the Grand Prix of 2013 Danish Warmblood Stallion Show in Herning Denmark, we ended on four faults but it was a good fight! Capone is doing great after having a short break over the winter, this is his second show and we have a lot to look forward to.

Today I reached my target to gather HKD300,000 in my Fringebacker fund raising campaign. This marks the start of the exciting onward journey with my supportive backers towards bringing home some medals for Hong Kong! Thanks to every one of you for making this happen.


Capone Placed 5th in Vestfold (Norway) CSI3* - 1.45m

Update on 5 Mar 2013

Hi all,
Thanks for all your support, I'm nearing my target and it is very exciting. Meanwhile I am still busy training and competing. Here's a video of Capone's speedy clear round in the competition CSI3* Vestfold Norway I'd like to share with you all.

For those of you who attended the Hong Kong Masters last week, I hope you fully reveled in the exciting competition with the top riders present as well as the fantastic show and presentations. I think it was a very successful event and aim to fit that in my plan next year!

Enjoy the video update, I'm off to the biggest Annual Danish Stallion Show in Herning, Denmark with my Danish-bred Capone for competition this weekend. Wish me luck! 




Official Result: 

http://www .horsepro.no/index.php?Site=ShowResultList&competitionRankingId=156230

How to Back Me in 4 Easy Steps

Update on 6 Feb 2013

I’ve been asked by some friends on how to back me on FringeBacker. It’s really easy, here are 4 easy steps on how it’s done.

Short Trip Back to Hong Kong

Update on 4 Feb 2013

Dear friends, thanks for all your support to date, I’m overwhelmed by it all! My stop in bustling Hong Kong has been short and sweet and tonight I'm off to Denmark to see the horses again. One of my highlights this weekend was getting interviewed by the South China Morning Post -- here it is below (by the way, thank you to the generous people at Gucci for providing the photo shoot wardrobe!)

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• A personal photobook

• BASTA 8” x 10” framed photo with a small engraved plaque

• GOLDORAC Notecard Set


• CAPONE 16GB USB Flash Disk

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