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This project was successfully funded on March 25, 2014, at 112% HK$4,500 (US$585). Backed by popular demand, FringeBacker is happy to extend this project for a further 7 days of fundraising until Apr 2, 2014. For further details, please refer to the project update of March 25, 2014.


The ThinkSeries Leadership Programme is an annual training workshop for secondary school students to nurture their leadership and explore their potential. This year we challenge 19 students from all over Hong Kong to develop a new electronic product which they will promote to international buyers at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), 13th-16th April 2014.

The aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to allow the students to raise funds to provide a proof of concept of their product in time for the Electronics Fair. Amongst other things, this may include a fully working prototype and/ or a 3D-rendered model of their product.

Back this campaign to support the entrepreneurs of the future!


Our project is called 3-Ds Light and we hope to present it in the upcoming Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition). It is a multi-functional light and the three Ds stand for: Dim, Directing and Diverging. It contains several lenses that reflect lights to allow control on the brightness, which in turn diverges the light to save energy, whilst also allowing you to direct the light to your convenience. You no longer need to put a lamp on your desktop, but you can still work in a bright environment and control the angle and the focus of the light. By operating fewer lights in a concentrated area, it is more eco-friendly.

By decreasing the electrical resistant, this kind of light will use the same amount of energy whatever the brightness is. Normal dimmer switches generate a lot of heat energy which can lead to overheating and malfunctions. Our product will not have these problems and aims to provide a convenient solution.


The Craters includes our captain Tenny Hung and teammates Christian Cheung and Jeremy Siu. Craters are caused by meteorites hitting the surface of a planet – boom! We believe that describes our thinking and designs: we will make a big impact!

The Craters
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The Craters


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