2nd Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival

Project by : 女同學社 Nu Tong Xue She




backed of US$1,290 goal

12 days

to go

Launched: 1 Dec 2016

Funding ends: 29 Jan 2017


Update on 29 Dec 2016

【目標二達成!】好感動呀!眾籌殺入直路,我地終於籌夠錢搞 #同志運動歷史剪報展覽 同埋 #二手書自由定價喇!感謝各位支持!跟住落黎,我地要打大佬,就係【目標三:邀請海外嘉賓】 ,12月31日前籌到 HKD22,000,我地就可以請台灣既朋友同我地分享!仲有幾日,奇蹟會發生嗎?





2017年2月17-19日 JCCAC



Target 1 achieved! Next Step is....HKD15,000

Update on 8 Dec 2016

Thanks to all supporters! We achieved our first goal in a short period of time!  Next Step is...HKD15,000! 
If we get HKD15,000, here're what we can have: 


1. Pay-what-you-want secondhand book market

We will collect secondhand books and audio-visual materials related to gender / sexuality and sell them on a pay-what-you-want basis during the event. Proceeds will be used to fund the Festival.


2. Dialogue with History: Exhibition of Hong Kong newspaper clippings on LGBT movement

We will put together an exhibition showcasing local newspaper clippings related to gender and sexual minorities from the 1980s and 1990s. Visitors can understand more about the history of local LGBT movement through the exhibition.

HK Queer Literary and Cultural Festival
2017.2.17-19 JCCAC
Open up for Queer Dialogues