2nd Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival

Project by : 女同學社 Nu Tong Xue She




raised of US$1,282 fixed goal


on 29 January 2017

Launched: 1 Dec 2016

Funding ends: 29 Jan 2017

Background of the Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival

Nu Tong Xue She (NTXS) hopes that through showcasing books relevant to gender and sexuality issues, organizing activities such as book readings, seminars and sharing sessions, providing booths for vendors of relevant books and LGBT-friendly organizations and a cozy reading corner for visitors during the Festival, a friendly and open environment for the general public to understand, explore and discuss the various facets of gender and sexuality could be created.

In 2015, NTXS celebrated its 10th anniversary by organizing the 1st Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival to further promote awareness of gender and sexuality issues and to advocate LGBT equality. The Festival turned out to be a major success and had attracted attention and interest from the public. NTXS has therefore decided to organize the Festival again in 2017 and to make it a biennial event.

Theme of the Event


Open up for Queer Dialogues

In recent years, tension and even hostility between different social groups in Hong Kong has been growing stronger, pulling people farther apart as they uphold their own beliefs and bash those with differing opinions. The burning need for conversation is apparent. We would therefore like to make “Dialogue” the theme of the 2017 Festival. We hope that through reading, participants of the Festival can listen to, contemplate and respond to  various issues related to gender and sexuality, to engage in a dialogue with themselves, family, friends and the society, to exchange knowledge and then to rethink the various possibilities of LGBT movement.

Date:Friday to Sunday, 17-19 February, 2017

Time:12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m

Venue:Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)

Webpage of the 2nd Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival:


Purpose of Crowdfunding

NTXS believes that the Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival has an important part to play in the LGBT movement in Hong Kong as it is essential to continually deepen and broaden the public understanding of gender and sexual minorities through cultural and artistic activities as well as academic discourse. Because of this, we will strive to make the 2nd Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival happen as planned even if we fail to meet our crowdfunding target.

Due to limited funds, however, we would not be able to include some of the activities already planned for the Festival unless we could raise enough money through crowdfunding. Though it is possible to utilize our reserve, we would only consider it as a last resort as it would inevitably make organizing the Festival even tougher in future. We therefore rely on your donation to make the Festival happen and continue to play its unique part in local LGBT movement.

Crowdfunding targets (to meet by 31 Dec 2016):

We will be able to include the following activities and features in our event if the total of fund raised reaches these targets:

[HKD10,000 or above]

1. Reading and sharing corner

We will set up a space for reading with around 80 books related to gender / sexuality on display which visitors can read for free. Visitors are encouraged to share with others their feelings and insights as they read.

2. Human Library

We will invite 4-6 guests who are gender / sexual minorities from different backgrounds to be human books and have conversations with participants.

[HKD15,000 or above]

1. Pay-what-you-want secondhand book market

We will collect secondhand books and audio-visual materials related to gender / sexuality and sell them on a pay-what-you-want basis during the event. Proceeds will be used to fund the Festival.

2. Dialogue with History: Exhibition of Hong Kong newspaper clippings on LGBT movement

We will put together an exhibition showcasing local newspaper clippings related to gender and sexual minorities from the 1980s and 1990s. Visitors can understand more about the history of local LGBT movement through the exhibition.

[HKD22,000 or above]

1. Invitation of overseas guests

We will invite overseas guest speakers to join one of our seminars during the Festival and have a dialogue with stakeholders of local LGBT movement.

** If you would like to make a donation in the name of your company / organization, please contact us by email at [email protected]

The 1st Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival in 2015

L1 - Booths (including bookstalls, workshop, reading and sharing corner)


L2 - Seminars and sharing sessions

About Us

Established in September 2005, Nu Tong Xue She (NTXS) is an advocacy group founded and run by volunteers from the LGBT community concerned with human rights issues pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity. Members of NTXS include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals as well as straight allies.

Besides advocacy, NTXS strives to promote LGBT rights movement through various cultural and artistic activities and by harnessing the new media. In 2005, NTXS launched the website “Next Stop, Rainbow”, featuring a collection of articles written by members of the LGBT community and their allies. In 2008, we launched GDotTV, the first LGBT online video channel in Hong Kong. The channel produces and broadcasts programs and short videos of various genres, utilizing the new media as a platform for social and cultural commentary. In addition, NTXS regularly organizes events such as film screenings, seminars and workshops. Some of our major events include creative arts workshop and exhibition “The Way You See Us See Ourselves” (2006), video production program “I Am Who I am - Say No to LGBT Bullying on Campus” (2011) and creative writing, pottery and visual arts workshop and exhibition “Queer.Creation” (2012/13). NTXS was also one of the participants of Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival for several years.

女同學社  Nu Tong Xue She
Project by
女同學社 Nu Tong Xue She


(approximately US$26*)

- Priority to participate in two of our activities (including workshops, Human Library and seminars)

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(approximately US$65*)

- Priority to participate in all activities (including workshops, Human Library and seminars)

- Acknowledgement in the event program

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(approximately US$129*)

- Priority to participate in all activities (including workshops, Human Library and seminars)

- A book of your choice (valued at HK$150 or below) from the Nu Tong Xue She bookstall

-  Acknowledgement in the event program

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