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on 10 December 2017

Launched: 31 Oct 2017

Funding ends: 10 Dec 2017

Extend the period of Crowdfunding

Update on 29 Nov 2017

Since it is expected that after the "Online Media Summit", some participants would like to know more about different media partners and to support them, we would like to extend the supporting period a week longer till 10th December.

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(approximately US$33*)

  1. One day pass
  2. $70 to be allocated for sponsoring your chosen one media partner : CitizenNews,  Initium Media,  Stand News,Inmediahk.net., WKNews, Hong Kong Free Press 
  3. Tote Bag(Chinese version only : 別讓真相沈默(Never let silence cover up the truth )) 
  4. Book (Chinese version only): 有種公民

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