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2017 Online Media Summit

How can online media defend press freedom in a city under siege?

After the Umbrella Movement, online media outlets across the political spectrum raced for a share of social media platforms, and successive transformations in conventional media organisations took place. New media looks like a giant new market with great potential. But does it offer genuine opportunities? Or is it all an illusion?


Capital-deficient civic media groups, however, are gradually being marginalised amid the glittering new media. News stories become fragmented online, downgraded into objects for consumption. Can civic media groups continue exposing social injustice and setting the agenda to bring societal change?


When media operation depend on "clicks” and reader donations, winning “likes” becomes a route to survival. But is news reporting the same as merely attracting “likes”? Thought-provoking stories are usually not favoured by the general public, so how should we choose between “likes” and journalistic values and ethics? When the medium of dissemination changes, should the journalistic profession stay put or follow suit? Online media practitioners, scholars and seasoned journalists will come together for this seminar on the space for new media outlets, and their means for their survival

Date/Time:Dec 3, 2017 (Sun) 2-6:30PM

Venue: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (No. 135, Junction Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong)



Keynote Panel Discussion 2-4:15PM

Moderator: AU, Allan K. L. Professional Consultant of School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK


Annie Zhang, Editor-in-Chief (Initium Media)

Li Ka Chung Edward, Chief News Editor (Apple Action News)

Ken Lui  , Assignment Editor (HK01)

Iam-chong Ip ,  Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University and one of the founders of  Hong Kong In-media and inmediahk.net



Part 1 ( 4:15-5:15PM)

CitizenNews: How can online media outlets cooperate to achieve a win-win?

WkNews: How to start up a media outlet if you are penniless?

InmediaHK: How to set yourself free from click rates and fake news?


Part 2  ( 5:30-6:30PM)

Stand News: Good wine needs no bush?  In-depth news coverage online: inputs and challenges

Initium Media: Before entering into the discussion on cross-boundary connection, what are the questions we should ask?

HKFP:The importance of news literacy in an era of "fake news" and "filter bubbles."  (English Only)

$50 (Student's one day pass)

$100( One day pass, $70 to be allocated for sponsoring your chosen one media  partner: CitizenNews,  Initium Media,  Stand NewsInmediahk.net. , WKNews, Hong Kong Free Press)

$250 (1. One day pass, 2. $70 to be allocated for sponsoring your chosen one media partner: CitizenNews,  Initium Media,  Stand NewsInmediahk.net. , WKNewsHong Kong Free Press  3. Tote Bag(Chinese version only: 別讓真相沈默(Never let silence cover up the truth ))  4.. Book (Chinese version only): 有種公民

$500 ( (1. One day pass, 2. $70 to be allocated for sponsoring your chosen media partner: CitizenNews,  Initium Media,  Stand NewsInmediahk.net. , WKNewsHong Kong Free Press   3. Tote Bag(Chinese  version only : 別讓真相沈默(Never let silence cover up the truth ))  4. Book (Chinese  version only): 有種公民  5. Sponsoring for Netizen Award

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For all enquiries please contact Ms Nise Sou 9100 0204/ [email protected]


Tote Bag Color: Black/White


-Participants can interact with media partners at booths on site
-After the Keynote Panel, the 2017 Online/Internet Citizen prize-giving ceremony will take place

-All sessions will be conducted in Cantonese. Limited interpretation service will be available.

 2017 Netizen Award



Rental fee $10000

Promotion materials & Video production $20000

Live streaming & Photography $10000

Venue decoration (including brochure) , Snacks & Beverages $15000

Speaker fee $5000

Reward gifts production fee: $10000

Salaries for administrative & organization $30000


Background and mission:

Founded in 2004, Hong Kong In-Media is an organization to promote independent and grassroots journalism in Hong Kong through research, education, policy advocacy and supporting pioneer projects including inmediahk.net.

Founded in 2016, Culture & Media Education Foundation is a charitable organization supporting citizen media, running media education program and conducting research on media policy https://www.cmef.org.hk/eng

We believe that the Internet and new communication technology can empower individuals to transform the society through public deliberation and creative expression. A better environment of online civic engagement should be fostered by encouraging more citizens to participate in the process and to appreciate the accomplishment made by individuals.

In November of 2014, we organized “Online Civic Engagement and Creativity Award”  for the first time. With the great support from the seven partnerships such as Google, Department of Cultural Studies of Lingnan University and Creative Commons Hong Kong, we successfully held the ceremony and public talk in Good Lab, West Kowloon. We received over 100 applications for 6 awards (Journalistic photo, citizen report, video feature, current affairs commentaries, political cartoon and info-graphics).

In December 2016, we held the second Award ceremony with the support from Google, Hong Kong Professional Teacher Union, Hong Kong Journalists Association, ACO book. The ceremony was held in ACO book, Wanchai. We received over 80 applications for 4 awards (journalistic photo, citizen report, video feature and political cartoon).

 In 2012  Culture & Media Education Foundation and Inmedia(Hong Kong) organized the first citizen media summit "After the Emergence of New Media", focusing on the challenges facing citizen media outlets on the Internet. Over 200 participants attended the summit.


Main organizer: Culture and Media Education Foundation, Hong Kong In-media

Media Partners: CitizenNews,  Initium Media,  Stand NewsInmediahk.net. , WKNewsHong Kong Free Press

Other organization involved: Internet Society Hong Kong, Creative Commons Hong Kong




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  1. One day pass
  2. $70 to be allocated for sponsoring your chosen one media partner : CitizenNews,  Initium Media,  Stand News,Inmediahk.net., WKNews, Hong Kong Free Press 
  3. Tote Bag(Chinese version only : 別讓真相沈默(Never let silence cover up the truth )) 
  4. Book (Chinese version only): 有種公民

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