Run for Girls 2019


on 24 March 2019


Total Fundraised

1) Registration and Acceptance


1.1   Why only female is eligible to join this Run?


“Run for Girls” is the charity run co-organised by Plan International Hong Kong and Cosmopolitan. Girls in developing countries are facing multiple threats such as early marriage, sexual violence, out of school, etc. In order to raise public awareness of girls’ issues more effectively, female is first to be invited to participate in the Run so as to help those girls run towards a brighter future.

Male is most welcome to support the event through making donations and participating in our voluntary work.


1.2   Why focus on Girls only?


All children are important and they should have equal rights and opportunities. However, research and field experience show that girls are often the most vulnerable and suffer more in impoverished regions, especially the countries affected by conflicts.

  • Every day, more than 500 women and adolescent girls die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth in emergencies and fragile situations.
  • At least one in five women and girls who are forcibly displaced will experience sexual violence or abuse.
  • Nine out of the ten countries with the highest    child marriage rates are considered either fragile or extremely fragile states.
  • 39 million girls living in crisis-affected countries cannot access education.

Undoubtedly, girls will flourish and have a better life with their children, communities and countries in future if we protect their rights and provide them with education and healthcare.


1.3   What is the age limit for the race?

Participants must be female aged 18 or above on the Race Day.


1.4   When will the enrollment period start?

The enrollment starts now and will be closed on 10 February 2019. However, spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Plan International Hong Kong reserves the right to close the enrollment system when the quota of the race is full without prior notice. Announcement will be made on this event website when the quota is full.


1.5   What should I do if I have submitted the online application, but do not receive any confirmation email?

A message of “Thank you for your enrollment” will be shown once the online registration is completed and accepted. After the bank confirms the payment, a separate confirmation email will be sent to the applicant within seven working days. If you do not receive any of them, please call the Race Hotline at 3405 5305.


1.6   Can I transfer the place to others in case I cannot take part in the Race after registration? Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is non-refundable once the registration is accepted. It is also non-transferable and the race category cannot be changed


1.7 Can I change my personal data after the registration?

The Organizer will charge HK$100 administration fee for the change of participant’s personal data after the submission of application.


1.8   Will walk-in registration be accepted on the event day?

Walk-in registration is not accepted.


1.9   How does the Organizer handle my personal information?

Plan International Hong Kong respects and protects your privacy. Plan International Hong Kong and our appointed service providers may use your personal information (including your name and contact details) only for the purpose of administration, receipt issuing, communications, and subjected to your consent, marketing purposes in accordance with our Privacy Policy as stated in our website: We will contact you to provide marketing materials about our programmes, events and initiatives and invite you to donate, either by means of email alerts, mail or phone.


1.10 How do I create my own Personal Fundraising Page?

You can set up your own Personal Fundraising Page by using the log-in ID and password provided in the enrollment confirmation email. After logging in, you can upload your photo and set your fundraising target. You can then invite your friends and relatives to visit your Personal Fundraising Page by sending them the link either via email or social media such as Facebook, Tencent Weibo, Twitter, etc. They can then support you by making online donations or leaving you encouraging messages.


1.11 How do I submit my sponsors' information online?

You can add extra donations together with sponsors' details through your Personal Funraising Page . Please refer to your enrollment confirmation email for the access information. You can then make online donations and update the donation amount at the same time.


1.12 Can the sponsors receive donation receipts?

To reduce administrative expenses, sponsors who donate HK$100 or above could request donation receipts. Receipts will be sent to sponsors by email directly.


2) Runner’s Pack Collection

2.1   When will I be notified on the Runner’s Pack collection arrangement?

Participants will receive a “Runner’s Pack Collection Email” from 22 to 27 February 2019, with the details of Runner’s Pack collection arrangement.


2.2   What should I do if I cannot pick up my Runner’s Pack on the specified date and time on the “Runner’s Pack Collection Letter”?

If the participant cannot collect the Runner’s Pack on the specified date and time, she can authorize a representative to do so. The representative must present the copy of the “Runner’s Pack Collection Letter” and an authorization letter to collect the pack on the specified date and time as indicated on the letter.


2.3 Can I collect the Runner's Pack on the race day (10 March 2019)?

No race bibs with timing chips, baggage tags, Runner's Guides or event t-shirts will be distributed on the event day.


2.4 Can I collect the Runner's Pack via post?

No. Runner’s Packs will NOT be sent by post. This is to avoid the risk of losing the package during postage.


2.5   I haven’t received or lost the “Runner’s Pack Collection” email, what can I do?

The “Runner’s Pack Collection Email” will be sent to the participants at the email address provided on the enrollment form from 22 to 27 February 2019.
If you haven’t received or lost the “Runner’s Pack Collection Email” after 20 February 2019, please call the Race Hotline 3405 5305.


3) Race Day

3.1   If I forget to bring my bib on the Race Day, can I join the Race still?

Nobody will be allowed to join the Race without a bib.


3.2   If my teammate is unable to join /forget to bring her bib on the Race Day, can I join the Race still?

You can still join the Race and receive the souvenir and certificate upon finishing the run.


3.3   What should I wear on the event day?

Please wear appropriate sportswear and sport shoes. Do not forget to put the race bib (with the timing chip attached) on your chest before the race. You are encouraged to wear t-shirt in pink or white color on the race day.


3.4   What should I take with me on the event day?

You MUST bring along the race bib (with the timing chip attached) and pins on the event day. If you would like to store your belongings with us, please bring along the baggage tag (included in your Runner’s Pack). Please note that NO storage bags will be provided in the baggage area on the event day. Please do not bring any valuable items. The Organizer is not responsible for the loss or damage of any baggage stored by us.

3.5   Do I need to check-in or report to the officials on arrival?

No check-in process is required. Please wait for the instructions from the officials. Please store your baggage with baggage tag at baggage area right after arrival if necessary. The official will lead you to the queue-up area 10 minutes before the race.

3.6   What should I do after I cross the finishing line?

Please move from the finishing point to the Refreshment / Souvenir counter where you can enjoy some snacks and receive the souvenir. There will be a designated area where you can take a rest or take pictures after the race. The Organizer will post the results of winners for each category at the venue.


4) Certificate, awards and prize presentation ceremony

4.1   When will the Organizer send me the certificate of completion?

All runners who have completed the race will receive an email reminding them to download the e-certificate through the designated website from 22 March to 2 May 2019.


4.2   Are prizes presented according to the official time or the net time?

3Km and 10.11Km prizes are presented according to the official time (starting shot time). Net time is only for personal information.


4.3   When and where will the Prize Presentation Ceremony be conducted?

The Prize Presentation Ceremony for the 3Km and 10.11Km will be conducted on the event day (17 March 2019) after the race.


5)Other Information

5.1   Can my friend(s) run with me?

Only those who are officially registered and given a race bib can participate in the race. The officials will keep all non-participants from the course.


5.2   Can I run with my pet or use any form of wheel-run objects as a transportation means?

No. No pets or any form of wheel-run object, e.g. wheelchairs, bicycles, skates, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, etc. are allowed on the course.


5.3   Can my friend(s) come and cheer for me?

Yes. They are welcome to cheer for you at a designated area near the finishing point.


5.4   Are participants insured?

Yes. The Organizer will cover the insurance of Public Liability only for all participants within designated area and route on the event day, participants must follow the instructions given by the Organizer during the event. We recommend all participants to check their health condition by consulting qualified medical practitioners before enrollment while all participants will be responsible for bearing their own risks during the event. All participants can arrange an additional personal accident insurance at their own cost if needed. 


5.5   How can I find the photos taken at the event?

Event snapshots will be available to preview and download after the event at by entering your bib number. Meanwhile, don't forget to browse through Plan International Hong Kong Facebook Page ( for more fun photos and share the happy moments with your friends!