HKDRC – Xtra8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018

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HKDRC – Xtra8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018

Still The Race I Love

香港長跑會 – Xtra8 40屆綠色半馬拉松 2018 – 仍是你/我喜愛的賽事


Online Application Form /網上報名申請表

  • Application Period : 1 August 2018 to 10 November 2018


  • Event Date : Sunday, 18 November 201t8

比賽日期:2018年11月18日 ( 星期日 )

  • Start Time : Half Marathon 7:00am ( Time Limit 2.5 hours )
  • 起跑時間:半馬拉松 早上 7時 ( 限時 2小時30分 )
  • Race Course : Start at Jockey Club Bradbury Hostel > Bride’s Pool Road > Wu Kau Tang Road >Luk Keng > Wu Kau Tang Road > Bride’s Pool Road > Jockey Club Bradbury Youth Hostel Finish
  • 賽道 :由賽馬會百普理青年旅舍起點 > 新娘潭路 > 烏蛟騰 > 新娘潭路 > 鹿頸 >
  • 新娘潭路 > 鹿頸 > 新娘潭路 > 賽馬會百普理青年旅舍終點                         
  • Assembly Venue : Area in front of Jockey Club Bradbury Youth Hostel

集合地點:賽馬會百普理青年旅舍 ( 門前空地 )                 

  • Quota : Half Marathon -1200

-     名額:半馬- 1200       


Input Information

-     Enquiries 查詢

-     Organizer Website 籌辦機構網址

-     Event Email 賽事電郵 : [email protected]  or  [email protected]

-     Online Registration 網上報名 :

-     Event Fax 賽事傳真 : (852) 28249009  


About the Race



HKDRC – Xtra8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018 - Still The Race I Love

香港長跑 – Xtra8 40屆綠色半馬拉松2018 – 仍是你/妳喜愛的賽事


Organized by Hong Kong Distance Runners Club and supported by 6 major sponsors, the

HKDRC – Xtra8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018 is now open to accept entry applications. The entry applications can be made either :-

由香港長跑會籌辦並取得6間贊助商支持及贊助,2018年香港長跑會 – Xtra8 第 40屆綠色半馬拉松現已公開接受報名。申請報名參賽可循下列途徑:


  1. By online registration through ( effective NOW)
  2. By email : [email protected]
  3. By post : HKDRC G.P.O. Box 10368, Hong Kong (download entry form )


Please complete the entry form with personal information and mail with payment ( either thru ATM or mail payment cheque ) and submit/mail to us for registration. Whether you use online entry application or use mail entry application, you have to mail payment with a Self Address Stamped $3.7 Envelope ( SAE ) for us to mail back your race number.    


一.網上報名 - (即日啟動 )

二.電郵報名 - [email protected]

三.郵寄報名香港長跑會 郵政信箱 10368 ( 報名表可自www.hkdrc.org下載 )


敬請使用網頁提供的報名表報名,倘以郵寄方式報名,需填妥個人資料報名表,連同報名費( 採用銀行過戶入數紙紀錄或劃線支票 ) 連同回郵地址信封一併遞交。回郵地址信封需貼上$3.7郵票,以便賽會寄回比賽號碼給你/妳。


Entry Application Procedure 報名參賽手續:

  Auto   Confirmation and Invoice   自動回覆及交款通知 Mail Completed Entry Form郵寄填妥個人資料報名表 Mail Payment Cheque or Payment Receipt thru ATM郵寄支票或銀行入數紙 Mail Self-Addressed Stamp Envelop SAE郵寄貼上$3.7 郵票回郵信封(*) Action
Online Registration網上報名
Yes 網上答覆 N/A不適用 Require需要 Require需要 Participant  mail payment and SAE within 3 days 參賽者需3天內寄交款項及回郵信封
Mail Registration郵寄報名
N/A 不適用 Require需要 Require需要 Require需要 Organizer email confirm within 7 days 主辦機構7天內電郵回覆 


Remarks :- 


  1. (*) The self-addressed stamped envelope is for mail back of race number 回郵信封是用於寄回號碼布給參賽者
  2. For online registration, separate email to notify participant his/her assigned race number 網上報名,將收到獨立電郵通知參賽編號。


The HKDRC – Xtra8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018 is an environmental race, the course is “ Zero Carbon Emission “ ( traffic free ), provides a chance for you to experience its differences from other races.

2018香港長跑會 – Xtra8 40屆綠色半馬拉松是有名的環保賽,賽道是綠色零碳排放將取得香港各政府部門支持及協助,於賽事進行期間由新娘潭路起至烏蛟騰,鹿頸全線禁止所有車輛行駛,而路線只限開放給參賽者使用。參賽者可以藉此機會盡量發揮爭取個人最佳的成績。


Work Towards Creating Lower Carbon and Greener Race  



Marking Green and Low Carbon for this race, you and us should work together :-

- Adapt online registration wherever possible to save time and money

- Email communications wherever possible to save postage

- Order special material made number bib and imprint runner’s guide and bus ticket

- Distribute green and sustainable souvenirs such as T-shirt, foldable water bottle, lucky man

   medal and solar torch

- Collect back all supply bottled water to reduce waste

- Encourage participants’ donation for research work on the promotion Green race initiatives

- Establish good relationship with sponsors/participants on promotion of Green Work for sports


  • 採用網上報名可節省金錢和時間。
  • 使用電郵溝通會員,參賽者,工作人員,贊助商,政府部門可節省郵費。
  • 訂購特制物料構造並可以重用的號碼布,於號碼布背面印上參賽者須知及巴士票,節省使用紙張。
  • 回收於終點派發樽裝蒸餾水,減少廢棄物。
  • 派發環保紀念品包括T恤,幸運公仔,可摺疊水壺,太陽能電筒,獎牌。
  • 鼓勵運動員捐贈款項支持低碳研究工作,推動香港成為低碳城市。
  • 與贊助商及供應商建立良好關係,合作共同推動綠色及低碳於運動項目。


Race Competitions 賽制 


Half Marathon 半馬拉松

For Individual Competitions - there are 8 categories set 個人組編制有8個組別 :-


Men 男子 Division 組別 Age 年齡
  Open公開 <2002
  Senior I高級I         1979 – 1983
  Senior II高級II         1974 - 1978
  Veteran I元老I         1969 – 1973
  Veteran II元老II         <1968
Women女子 Open公開         <2002
  Senior高級         1979 – 1988
  Veteran元老         <1978

The entry fee for each application is HK$270.- which includes FREE bus services ( single journey ) to be taken at 4 stations. 每位參賽者之申請費用為270港元包括免費乘坐巴士服務( 單程 ) 自港,九4個巴士站。


For Team Competition ( Half Marathon ) there are 3 categories set 隊伍編制有3個組別:-


The entry fee for each team is HK$1,080.- which includes FREE bus services to be taken at 4 stations每隊參賽者之申請費用為1080港元包括免費乘坐巴士服務自港,九4個巴士站。


Men 男子 Men of 4 Runners All Ages
Women女子 Women of 4 Runners All Ages
Mixed Men & Women
Mixed Men & Women
( 2 Men + 2 Women )
( 1 Man + 3 Women  )
( 3 Men + 1 Woman )
All Ages

The entry fee for each team is HK$1,080.- which includes FREE bus services to be taken at 4 stations每隊參賽者之申請費用為1080港元包括免費乘坐巴士服務自港,九4個巴士站。



Half Marathon - Winners’ Prizes半馬優勝者獎項








( XL/L/M/S )
Lucky Man
Finisher Medal
Solar Key Torch
Foldable Water Bottle 水壺 Discount Coupon


Remarks : All prizes shall be collected by the winner in person on the race day



Green and Sustainable Souvenirs 綠化及可持續/重用紀念品


A complete set of 6 items special designed sustainable souvenirs include T-shirt, towel, finisher medal, foldable water bottle, solar key torch and lucky man will be given to each finisher.    



Race Results 賽事成績

Iban Sport Development Co. Ltd., ChronoTrack timing system shall be used, there will be B-tag sensor strip attached on the back side of the race number for recording the time and position at the starting point and finishing point.   

採用一品體育發展有限公司之ChronoTrack 計時系統,1 條貼於號碼布背面B-tags,用於起點/終點量度時間及名次。


Other Entry Details其他賽事詳情

Refer to the information given in the actual Entry Form which can be downloaded from HKDRC web-site and

其他賽事詳情可參照已印制好報名表,報名表可於本會網頁 下載。