Dream Riders - Journey to Silver Peak


on 21 September 2017


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About Dream Riders (夢騎士):

Dream Riders is a team of cyclists formed by five ardent youngsters, who put faith in pursuing and archiving dream as their purpose of life and hope to make use of their own experience to encourage other youths to chase dream. In long run, via archiving dream, it is also our target to contribute to the community and society needs.


About Event "Journey to Silver Peak":

We planned to cycle from Chengdu to the Everest Base Camp via Tibet. Climbing up to 5000 meters above sea level, we will be the first charity team from Hong Kong taking this challenge of approximately 3000 km long journey. Po Leung Kuk and the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease Limited are the beneficiary of this event. With pictures and videos taken along the journey, 2 books will be published about this challenging and meaningful fundraising cycling trip and Alzheimer's disease.


Targets of "Journey to Silver Peak":

Undoubtedly, aging is one of the trend in our society, in which 1 out of 10 people is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. That's the reason why Alzheimer's disease becomes one of the ten ranked diseases leading to death in Hong Kong. Feedback on society needs as well as prevention of Alzheimer's disease, we target to raise not less than One Million Hong Kong dollars. In addition, this fundraising campaign will arouse public awareness and strengthen understanding of Alzheimer's disease.


Introduction of Our Journey:

Route: From Chengdu to Everest Base Camp 

Po Leung Kuk Elderly Services:
Po Leung Kuk started to plan services for the elderly in the 1980s. By March 2017, other than the 14 residential care homes (including 1 infirmary care), 14 community care units and 22 home-care teams, it has 13 elderly community support service units, serving more than
11,000 elderly members.
It is the aim of Po Leung Kuk to advocate and act to meet the caring needs of our elderly and their families. Our mission is to ensure the elderly under our care can live a healthy and enjoyable life, by providing them with a better living environment, respecting their individual needs and looking after them with utmost care and compassion.
We also focus on dementia care by (1) to help the mass public know more about dementia, (2) to promote the message of early detection and intervention, (3) to strengthen mutual support among family members and (4) to improve their ability to look after the elders.​

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